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Not Afraid

looking forward to February and the release of our second CD "Not Afraid". Twelve new songs and we hope that everyone will find one or two or more that they want to play over and over again! Release date is Feb 29th, we'll keep you up to date!

The New Year Is Upon Us

as 2011 draws to a close, Kudzu is so appreciative for the exceptional year we have had. To all the venues and fans that have supported us and especially to our families for all their support. 2011 saw the arrival of the newest Kudzu member JJ and the loss of another when Boomer crossed the rainbow bridge. 2011 also saw the beginning of recording for the second Kudzu CD. Release date is set for February 29th. We also are planning a release party and will post more details about that when they are finalized. To all we wish a happy and prosperous 2012 and we'll see you out at a show near you very soon!!!


as we head towad the holiday season, all the guys of Kudzu and their friends and family wish everyone a the merriest of seasons. We have been extremely fortunate to enjoy the growth in our following as well as the volume performances we gave this year. 77 dates, up 9 from 2010, just helps us know that we are doing what the people want; giving them great music. the release of our second CD is nearing with a target date of February 29, 2012. Our hope is that it is as well recieved as out debut CD "KUDZU". The majority of the songs are cut and waiting on various production elements and the design of the packaging. With 35 shows already on the books for 2012, we are looking forward to another busy year. Please remember we appreciate all the support we recieve for without that, we couldn't do what we do. Happy Holidays from KUDZU

Fall Is Falling

Summer has finally passed us by with the hot hot days and Indian Summer has settled in as the leaves start their migration from the trees to the ground. We still quite busy with 18shows from October-December. Glad to have Throttle Down Saloon (formerly the Crow's Nest) back on the schedule and looking forward to return visits to some of our regular stops. As always we appreciate our family , friends and fans that support us and keep us moving forward. 10 of 11 ( or 12) basic tracks done for the new CD and hope is for a late winter or early spring release. See you at a show soon.

Welcome to The Dog Days

Remember back in December and January when we were complaining about the cold and wishing it were summer? Well, we got what we wished for. It has been a scorcher so far. We have played some outdoor shows this year and have several coming up before the end of the year. But there is something different and special about playing out of doors. Making sure the sound is right, fighting strings that won't stay in tune and stretching drum heads are just a few of the differences from playing in an enclosed venue. But, mastering the ability to play outside is as important as learning the music itself on many levels. Have had several new venues come on our schedule. Had an excellent time at Smoky Mountain Brewery in Maryville and looking forward to heading out to Spicy's in Powell in August. Saddlesbags on Rutledge Pike in East Knox County is also a new venue for us on August 20th. These along with visits to Boomerangs, Naterz and Skyway leave us with a few dates to catch out breath. Bit, like the old saying have guitar will travel, if bookings come, we'll be there. September is jam packed with shows with only two weekend dates open, the 2 and 30. we also have a great opportunity playing prior to the Boomsday event on the Knoxville Riverfront on September 4. September 17 will find us in Tellico plains for EdFest. Later on in the month we will be in Russellville at the Nolichucky Winery Fall Harvest Festival. All those along with our favorite stops in Maryville, Madisonville and Sweetwater will make for a busy month. We appreciate all the support we have recieved and continue to get from friends, family and fans and look forward to seeing evberyone at a show very soon. Work continues on the music for our second CD and hopefully we are looking at October for our next recording trip to see the Wizard. Till next time...KUDZU, we're taking over!!!

Summer Just Around the Corner

Memorial day weekend is upon us and it is a time to reflect on all who have given to allow us the way of life we enjoy today. The hot days of summer will be here shortly and with them, KUDZU keeps growing. we are well on pace to zoom past last years total of 68 shows with 61 on the books at 2011's halfway mark. We can't thank family friends and our venues enough for the growth of the band. With tracks recorded for our second CD and some great shows on the horizon, we are really thankful of the opportunity we are given. Have a great summer and we'll see you soon at a KUDZU show!!!

Springing Forward

March is all but over and April has a lot in store for KUDZU. 9 shows over the course of the month all over East Tennessee. Visiting a new venue for us in Vernon's Grill, I'm sure it will be a regular stop. Got basic tracks laid down for 5 new tunes for the new CD. Have already started working on more new songs that we'll roll out over the next few months at our various shows. Will also be playing songs from the first CD and also a lot of new covers!! Busy busy busy, but that's how we like it. CD ,T's and ladies tanks are available as always, get in touch and we'll hook you up. Several songs from the first CD are available for download on reverbnation.com. Perfect for your mp3 player or iPod.

Marching on

hey everyone, March is coming in like a lion with all the wind and odd weather. Our schedule this month is a bit on the lighter side with the unfortunate loss of some shows.But it also gives us a chance to catch our breath for the incrdible April we have coming up. This month starts out with our returning to the VFW-Fouled Anchor in Lake City for the first weekend of the month. Kinda like playing a full weekend at one location, gives us a chance to do two totally different shows. All the songs we work hard to build into our library get used with some left over. The second weekend has us staying home at Confused in Maryville Friday the 11th and off to one of our favorite venues, the Skyway in Sweetwater on the 12th. Our next weekend is vacant partly due to one of the losy shows I mentioned and partly because Charlie is lucky enough to head up to Bristol and experience Thunder Valley for the first time. This is his last step in becoming at true man of the south, attending a NASCAR event. I'm sure he'll have a blast. Our last show in the month is at Boomerangs in madiosnville, a growing venue that we really like playing. March 27 has us off to see the Wizard of Brimstone to start recording tracks for our second CD.If you've sen us live in the past three months or so, you will be familiar with some of the songs we're set to put down. "I Work" " Driving Her Out Of My Mind" and "Waylon Jennings" are all on the schedule to be recorded along with as many as three more. We also may try to drop cuts some of our more interesting cover tunes to upload to reverbNation as extra tracks on our site. Til next month, support live music everywhere and come see us!!!

February off and running

February starts off with our second CD release party at Nater'z in Maryville. Expecting a great crowd as always and the chance to expand the number of people who hear and hopefully like our music and show.Feeling very fortunate to have 30 shows on the books for 2011 already. Hope we can match the number from last year (68), it was a very busy first year. We have been contacted by some folks in Mountain City, GA about performing there in May, hope that works out, be the first out of state trip for the band.We'll have to see how that plays out, but we would enjoy the opportunity. Have made plans to begin working on our second CD release. Heading back to Brimstone Recording to work with The Wizard again. Got four songs ready and time to get a couple more polished and ready before heading up. Our first CD came off the floor for the most part (band was recorded playing all together insted of being overdubbed several times) and really want to do it that way again. Some of the songs rerady to go are "I Work", "Driving Her Out Of My Mind" and " Waylon Jennings". Thinking there may be a dozen on this disc and maybe a cover as a bonus. We'll see. Thanks for reading and stay tuned in find our our upcoming show dates. See ya while-a-go, Tim

January in the books

Hey ya'll Tim here.Wow January is almost gone, our schedule was quite busy so we are getting a well deserved weekend off. Had a great show at Skyway Friday the 21st and hung out at Big Daddy's Saturday to catch some of the other acts in the area and enjoy an eveniong without the work aspect. we get along great with each other which makes for a very comfortable working relationship. i also believe that is one of the dynamics that has gotten KUDZU to the point we currently find ourselves. Got a visit Friday from our friends Soul Driver. Got to hear three great songs from them at our Skyway show. Look forward to them getting a steady appearance schedule there. I have been accused of being a bit sompetitive when it comes to the music scene, and I stand convicted. But the competitiveness is my way of ensuring that we keep the music at it's highest possible level, both our originals and covers. Odell Brummett of Soul Driver owns the recording studio where we recorded our CD, Brimstone Recording. During their visit friday, he encouraged us to get our new material put together and polished, so he can get us back in to record. It's definately a great motivation to have a fellow musician so postive and interested in your music. It built a fire under me to refocus on writing, which i had put on the back burner over the holiday season. We have 4 new songs that we are playing live and another 18 or so that are in various states of completion. So I guess a second CD may well be in the offing. Getting really good response on a couple of the new ones it seems; "I Work" has folks sining along although they haven't heard it before and "Driving Her Out Of My Mind" is a close cousin of "That's How The Story Goes" on the current CD. Thanks for reading the blog/ramblings. Pick up our CS at Hastings in maryville, The Disc Exchange in Knoxville or search for and contact us on Facebook at kudzu, the band. Thanks for all the support and we'll see ya next time.