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SIB set to record

So it's been forever and a day since the fine gentleman of Stabbed in back have been to the studio. With the band coming back from a hiatus only to have the former front man leave unexpectedly dealt a serious blow to the bands solidarity, questioning it's existence...if it was really worth it to push on, or was it just a pipe dream? Four months later the guys find a singer, who would not only feel the former's shoes, but who would literally tear those metaphorical shoes apart..thus enters new front man Adam hooks. It's funny how things work out, as the band reached out to other states for a new singer, only to find Adam right under their noses in Albuquerque. With the Addition of Adam and Colin (2nd guitar player) to the lifers..Tim, Dustin , and Yuri..The new line up brings a new assault of sound which shows a more technical and "grown up" side to the band but still keeps in time with their older material. January 28th the group will travel to Las Cruces, NM where they will beginning tracking for 2 split 7"s they have coming out in the next 6 months. The first is a split with their NJ friends the Scandals, released on Dang Records out of TX. The 2nd is a split with a European band but details are still under wraps as the band is still in the process of working out details and signing with their new record label which they will be home for the band. After tracking the band sends the material off to Dan Wleklinski (Mr. Percision) of 88 Fingers Louie for editing, mixing and mastering the songs. SIB is very excited to work with Dan as he and 88 Fingers have been a major influence on the bands sound and direction. The band looks forward to working with Dan on this project and many more to come. If this process works out, the band most likely will be able to record on a regular basis and release material consistently...which i'm sure you've been waiting for. As always check back frequently for new, updates, and shows.


Stabbed in Back set to shoot video-

Stabbed in back prepares for upcoming Video shoot for "when Laughter turns to screams" off their 2006 E.P. "a portrait of noise" which was released on California punk label Basement Records.

"the band is back together, and we always wanted to do a video for this particular song...it's way overdue" - Tim

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