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New Video: We Like Snacks!


New Songs and Videos Coming

With the success of 2 of my music videos, Tivo My Message, and of my cover of John Lennon's, Imagine, I am at least on the side, working on a video for my techo-opera song, Cascade of Souls. My goal is to try out custom ANIMATION in at least some parts of it, something I NEVER have done before.

Other songs that are coming along:

- My Family of Latvia (decided to do only in English, for now) - Encrypt the Question (3rd collab with Anchor Mejans singing) - Those Clever Maniquins (a collab with Laureen Leigh)

Got a backlog on a few other half-done songs. Stay tuned...

Still Working a bunch of new tunes

Expect more insane tunes, all of which will try to mix unlikely genres in my unique SKySWiM sort of way. The Tortilla Fairy will be quite a strange one, probably my strangest, once it is finished. My Family of Latvia will probably not be to strange of a song, since it will introduce my cousin Janis, in Latvia, on guitar. Yet another fairly interesting tune, without a title (OK, it's working title is Flesh and Blood, but that won't be the name), is a basically finished instrumental finished back around 1987, but I never was quite happy with it, so I shelved it, until recently. Unfortunately, between trombone gigs and playing too much online video games at Facebook, I have been slow with the tunes. I will try to get back to work soon. :-)