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Paper Doll Decay marches on!

Hailz lovely metalheads!

A couple of things have changed in the Paper Doll Decay camp! We now have a new bass player as well, Sjors Kuivenhoven, who has managed to learn our entire setlist in just five days!

While we might not have many shows coming up for the rest of 2016, we are far from keeping quiet.

Paper Doll Decay is currently keeping busy with writing new material for their upcoming full length album (yes, you read that right, FULL LENGTH ALBUM), set to be released somewhere in 2017. Furthermore, we felt it was time for a videoclip, so we are putting our creative minds together to cook up something lovely. Stay tuned, keep checking back here or on our Facebook page! Thnx for all the support so far and stay tuned for more Paper Doll Decay in the near future!

Paper Doll Decay welcomes new drummer

Hey guys & dolls,

Paper Doll Decay is very proud to announce the new drummer, Robin Boogaard! Robin has been drumming since the age of 8 and has since turned himself into one of Holland's greatest metal drummers, having previously played for bands the likes of Cypher, To Heaven Earth Is Hell and Chainsaw Disaster. We are very siked about working together and are looking forward to our upcoming shows! Hope to see you guys & dolls there \mm/

Paper Doll Decay update

Hey guys & dolls,

First of all we want to thank each and every one of you for your support and help keep metal alive!

We are slowly getting to where we want to be and we cannot do this without your support! \mm/ Second, we'd like to give our gratitude towards our drummer, Rob Koene. Or should we say ex-drummer? Yes, sadly Rob has decided to quit the band and we wish him all the best.

That being said, we are going back into the studio in the festive month of December to write new material. Paper Doll Decay will be back in 2016 to kick some more metal ass! Hope to see you guys & dolls at one of our shows! In the meantime, fly those horns with pride \mm/

Much metal love, Janneke de Rooy Vocalist Paper Doll Decay

Digital release DESOLATION

Hailz guys & dolls. We have continued working hard on getting the Paper Doll Decay word spread! With the recent release of our debut EP Desolation, we are now proud to announce these tunes can be found DIGITALLY! iTunes, Spotify, Djeezer, Google Music! If your ears ain't bleeding, you're not playing it loud enough! Horns high! Paper Doll Decay

Ben Vörhaüer
Ben Vörhaüer  (over 2 years ago)


Something's comin'...

Hey metalheads, Keep an eye out on this page, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed AND our website. Something's comin' your way.... \mm/

Paper Doll Decay MERCH

Hey guys & dolls,

We've frequently been asked whether or not we had our shirts in certain sizes so we decided to add a few to make everyone a happy customer! Paper Doll Decay shirts are 10 euro's (excl. shipping costs) and sizes are: Girlies: S, M and L Men's: M, L, XL and XXL

For further ordering details, visit our website www.paperdolldecay.com In the meantime, listen to Burst Into Enemies OUT NOW and it's FREE. Enjoy! \mm/



Hailz guyz & dolls,

In case you completely missed our news feed this last week, we have uploaded our teaser track Burst Into Enemies as a FREE download. That's right: FREE. Head over to www.paperdolldecay.com to see where we've hidden it ;) It's not too hard. We hope you enjoy our lovely heartwarming song as much as we do. Expect more deathly noise coming your way. In the meantime, thnx so much for your everlasting support. Keep those horns where we can see them!!! \MM/

PDD Update MARCH 2014

Hailz lovely metal guys and dolls! It may seem quiet on social media but we are far from doing nothing. Stay tuned for more updates and shows. In the mean time, keep them heads banging \mm/



Hailz metalheads. You can FINALLY get your Paper Doll Decay T-shirts online! Head over to our official website for more details (www.paperdolldecay.com)

Horns high!


PDD Update

Hailz metalheads!!

You may have noticed that things seem to have been a bit quiet around PDD, but do not be fooled. We are actually working on something big! Stay tuned for more information and go check us out on FB: https://www.facebook.com/PaperDollDecay1?ref=hl