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I dont usually take the time to vent...but here I go. I have sent numerous emails (47) to bands about playing gigs together. I have had probably 4 responses! I have sent over 100 EPK and probably 10 responses! They havent even opened the EPK !!! I dont know why people sign up for a great site like ReverbNation if they dont intend to use it and reap all of its potential benefits. We have been getting gigs the old fashion way...person to person. For all its worth people...WE WANT TO PLAY ...JUST ANSWER US ! Best of luck to everyone.

Prcsmusic  (about 5 years ago)

People are lazy. Keep sending em. It'll pay off. You guys are good.

Alseedra Falls (Samson Beaty)
Alseedra Falls (Samson Beaty)  (almost 5 years ago)

Nature of the Beast. With so many submissions, its hard for us to keep track of every email, friendship, phone call, and then going through demos. I can write a book. Just keep pushing. Face to Face is the best. Trust me, the music is great and it will pay off. Talk to you soon. MUSIC 4 YOU- MUSIC 4 ALL.

Not Quite Devils
Not Quite Devils  (almost 5 years ago)

See Samson Beaty...you are swamped..BUT..you still replied! And for doing that, we THANK you! Best of luck my friend!