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"Nothing Left Behind"

As many of you know, we've been planning on releasing a full length album since the summer of 2009. Obviously, it takes a lot of time and money to accomplish this goal, and somewhere along the way, our songs began to change. Rather than release an album that we felt no longer reflected the style of this band, we decided to start from scratch and release a 6-song EP in May 2011. This EP is still on schedule, and is mostly complete. Final mixing and mastering will be complete in March, and the EP will be physically pressed in time for the summer.

However, this new start left us with several songs that would have otherwise gone to waste. Six of those songs were complete to a point where they could be released. We decided that all the time, money and effort we poured into these songs should not go to waste. Therefore, we decided to release the six songs as a digital EP that would precede our full-fledged debut in May. Nothing Left Behind is this digital EP, which will be available online for free on Tuesday, March 1st.

The album is available as "name your own price," which is exactly how it sounds. If you want it for free, put a 0 in the price box and just enter your email address to get them. Simple as that. If you like the songs enough to throw a dollar or two our way, there's an option for that, too. These are still songs that we believe in, and we can't just let them go to waste. That said, we hope these songs will interest you enough to check out our proper debut in May. Thanks to everybody who takes advantage and downloads the songs, we hope to hear from you guys over the next few days.

Find the EP here: http://www.merceravenue.bandcamp.com