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Coffee Shops

Ever since I stopped drinking, smoking, caffeine and most herbal stimulants, the bar scene has kind lost its appeal. I mean in all honesty, really, I haven't found a bar that isn't a hive of desperation and misery. Although I think this has more to do with people drinking to forget than to reminisce. Which leads me to my next favorite place: Coffee shops.

Now the most easily accessible coffee shops are either a Tully's or a Starbucks. Both serve ok coffee and have an array of premade goodies made with such factory precision you can practically taste the measured ingredients.

Which is ok, I can deal with that, nom nom nom.. this cookie will taste like every other cookie woo hoo.. sign me up for the stepford wives neighborhood please...

What I have a problem with is some of the music that is played at these prefab coffee shops.

Its bad enough you've got your hyper accurate measured, quality controlled food service. Yet when you have that in your music as well, I just want to leave, go to my car drink, eat and blast some .. I don't know... Chiaroscuro, Ian Dorsch, Catatone, Mechanism, Morrison's Prophecy, Audio Numeric, Gothicello .. you get the idea.

Now don't get me started on some of the alternative coffee shops, they aren't any better, they always tend to throw on Bob Marley's Greatest hits or some Greatful Dead...which is fine.. for about ten minutes, then the idea of joining the republican party then scanning through webpages of Sarah Palin cosplays starts sounding palitable.

(yes there are Sarah Palin Cosplayers out there)

Tina Fey.. if you are reading this, I still have a massive crush on you.

You know what I want... I want a progressive rock/Darkwave coffee shop. I want to be able to order a steamed egg nog, sit down next to a fire, break out my nook and listen to I dunno, "Alan Parson's Project" or "Rush" on the loudspeaker."VNV Nation" and "Iris" would enter in the mix as well.

I want to be able to make the comment, "wow.. Imagine Trent Reznor producing John Meyer's next album.. just imagine how twisted yet interesting that sound that would be. It would be like Darkwave Eye for the Trendy Guy or something along those lines," and not get looks from some hipster as if I just took away its favorite anti self defense squeek toy (you know that one that says "guns are baaaaaaad," in a sheep voice... for the record those make a nice pop when you shoot them with a 7.62 x 39 down range at about 50 yards) .

It would be a great coffee shop. Enjoying a cup of joe, reading the latest flash fic (since our society currently lives media to media experience) and having Tesseract blaring in the background.

So this is me throwing the idea out there... hope someone runs with it.

Beta Test Collective

Hey guys, here's my first blog entry for Reverbnation. Normally I would do the normal who I am, and what I'm all about entry, but I will save that for later. No right now I want to talk about a very kewl group of electronica cats I'm a part of now called the Beta Test Collective. What is it exactly? Well its a bunch of guys who happen to love electronic music and are also musicians. We meet once a week and perform of songs at an event called "Beta Test" which happens to be an open night electronica night. Currently at the Airport Way Bar and Grill in Renton, Wa. Great place to meet up fellow electronica musicians mid week and watch them jam. Come check us out :)