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Check out Closer 2 My Dreams the Mixtape now on DATPIFF


Feel High By Yogi

Feel High by Yogi Here goes a sneak peak of the new mixtape, check out the song!!! Also if you enjoy it its up for a Free Download, I like this song alot so i plan on fixing it up before the tape drops. More to come so stay tuned in 2 the Freshest


hard work NO PLAY

Smoke N Jaze presents hard work no play.. Thats me Yogi MR2Fresh and ya boi J-Gotti Mr Smoke till theres none left haha. CD drops July 4th, ya fireworks. Games to bright , Got 35 tracks for a 18 track cd and we still making music every day. So the CDs about to be fire, Hola t me if you want a demo, a Mixtape or the CD earlyer then july 4th... Just saying they may not be mastered all the way but still great music. But July 4th is the day... BY THE WAY LOOKING FOR ALL KINDS OF COLLABS, SINGERS, BEATS, RAPPERS, OR YOUR OWN STYLE, ITS WHAT EVER.. GET YA NAME OUT THERE WE DOWN TO SUPPORT

Royel Productions

Its D-Royel aka Yogi with the updates on the next tape and all that. Smoke N jaze working at it hard just working on the next tape. Makinf new intros, beats and skits so spit on check out the once not in use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiiBHI6bKeM ~Royel beats

Smoke N Jaze Mixtape

Just uploaded new music off of the mixtape and have a couple of other tracks up. Check em out and tell me what you think of the Smoke N Jaze.