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Willhoites & beyond . . . . . .

Ah, ya gotta love this business of music we're in. YESTERDAY, 10:38a, our drummer calls, "Sorry bro, I twisted my back, I can't do Willhoites or Houston". Loose translation, "I got a better paying gig". Did Willhoites with long time friend Raymond Blanchard. That went fine. We played a bunch of covers, people said, "you guys are GREAT", we left. A special note - we felt honored to be able to celebrate the 235th birthday of the U.S.M.C. with the handful of marines that were there. Stay safe gents. Thanks for being willing to be FIRST when the trouble starts ! As of 11:01A the day of the Houston show, we have NO drummer. But we feel certain we'll get one. Need to get in the shower & begin the day. OK, so here it is Nov. 13th, we have played Dean's Credit Clothing in Houston & had time to let the sequence of events that transpired sink in. It went VERY well. We went to Houston & picked a Lake Conroe drummer named FISH. He sat in the front seat of my mini-van & listened to the material. The crowd was scant but MIGHTY. They LOVED IT ! ! !

Show attendance

Hi Everyone,

Well, the Music for Mutts show was RAINED OUT ! ! After all the drama of getting a sub-drummer & jumping thru those hoops. The gig didn't happen. BUT, it is rescheduled for FEB. 19th at an INDOOR venue. So that will be cool.

Better luck next time.