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CD "Timeless"

Download your copy today. *This set includes the instrumental "Remember Your Faith" In collaboration with Jim Ankan Deka. http://www.reverbnation.com/store/view_item_album/artist_1040242?item_id=1636283 Thank you so much for all your support.


I'am super excited to be working on a couple of new projects in collaboration with other Artists. Thank you my friends for all your continued support through my journey... ♥ God Bless ^:^

Newly released CD "Timeless" Availability

Remember Your Faith is now available at the following stores.. All proceeds from this Album entitled "TIMELESS" goes to charity... iTunes - bit.ly/QTVeOx Amazon - amzn.to/Pn97nX emusic - bit.ly/QaNNRO Spotify - spoti.fi/OqMcLe CD Universe - bit.ly/OqEl0m ReverbNation - bit.ly/TB7jg7

Music - Jim Ankan Deka; Insp.Lyrics - Mardee Agen Studio - Eastern Fare, Bangalore.

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Feel free to message me if you would like to couple your personal photo memories with music or perhaps you would even like to share your own bands music with photos from your gigs/tour*

Remember Your Faith

I'am pleased to announce the newly released CD "TIMELESS".. Produced by: Jim Ankan Deka. Included is the track "Remember Your Faith" which is based upon the writings of my Lyrical Poetry.. I have long awaited for my writings to come alive through music, and now my vision has been realized and has taken shape by the talented Jim Ankan Deka..


Once in a while a Musician/Artist may need a bit of inspiration when writing lyrics. So this is where I come in. Add my page. I will update you as things progress. Also, message me if you are interested in collaborating. Thanks for your support and consideration....

I do have a few things in the works and once I can share I will be posting the finished production...

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About my Project

Music is first.. The rest seems to just fall into place. I'm not one to express myself very easily in person, But I do find this to be a social outlet to make me and others like me to feel comfortable..I'am beginning to emerge from the restraints of self confinement. Therefore I began this page dedicated to myself and other writers whom feel too afraid to let everyone read you personal thoughts. This is a personal project which I would have never begun if it wasn't for many of you. I'am not self promoting, I merely want to create something and somewhere safe for me to share and for you as Artists to perhaps find inspiration and maybe a Muse. I love to write everything. Mostly personal situations from the past, present and future. I'am a dreamer and I like to drown myself with thoughts that put me in a place where everything else doesn't matter but pure and simple Love...If I touch just one person's heart, well then, I feel complete. (almost