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Next Show at Dingbatz

Ok People, next July 31st we will be playing our next show at Dingbatz. Through Darkness Descends, 12 bands will be playing at the Darkness Fest 2011. So, be there.. I can guarantee... You dont want to miss this show. The doors will open at 12pm, bands shot the first shot at 12:25pm, so, bring your anti-bullet jacket, cause pure metal will be running into your veins like water through sewerage. Well keep you posted. If you want tickes, we got it for you. Just hit us at FB: www.facebook.com/firehaze and let us know you want one. Tix are only $10.

Hope to see you all there!!! \m/\m/

What is FireHaze up to...

Hi there!

We, right now, are rehearsing for some upcoming shows we have. Our singer and bass player is on a personal trip to Cuba (our natal country), and the rest of the band is practicing as much as we can. We have some ambitious plans on out hands... We want to play an all FireHaze show with two invited bands... We are on the planing stage, but we think we might do it really soon. So, keep tune to more news about this.

On the other hand, I'm studying as much as I can Adobe After Effect software, for video especial effects. That with Adobe Premiere (wish I already know very well) are gonna be really useful for the Aim to Kill video we are shooting. It's on the filming part yet, but as soon as our singer comes back from Cuba, we will finish it and then it gonna be time for the editing part of the process. I'm Hector by the way, FireHaze's drummer... But Im a graphic designer too, and I'm a lot into all this video clip and film art as well. So, I'm in charge of the video clip of the band, and I'm hopping it'll comes out well. Its a lot of work, and we are just starting, but in a couple of month (if not earlier), the video will be ready for publishing here in Reverbnation. So, stay tune, and tell your friends about us... Hear our fresh finished album, Illuminated by the Fire (keep in mind its a raw version, we haven't master it yet) and comment, tell us what you think.

Take care out there, I hope to hear from you... we will be here... busting out asses to pump pure metal into your fucking veins!

Hector (Drummer)