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Bought a new 7 string

I changed up to playing a 7 string guitar. I really like it but really need to rething how to play my instrument now. It is very different but I am adjusting quikly. Thank you Lord Jesus for all your blessing known and unknown. I love you Jesus

I love You Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you True Jesus For your Holy Spirit and those angels that are completely surrounding me at all times.

Missing mydog

Buried UFO in the backyard. Missing her bigtime. Love you puppygirl.

Kotipelto on GoodDay Sacramento AGAIN!

Mark from goodday loves my dog. He and his kid were out again with a the camara guy to give Kotipelto another spot on the morning show.

Finished 2 new guitars

won 2 extremely nice strat necks from eBay

MIT Open Source

I've been taking MIT classes from the internet for awhile now. I really hope it's been showing in my playing and songwriting. Thanks sensia Pebber B. Best instructor ever:D

Kotipelto My Baby on local news 4 times now!

My dog is such a superstar! He has been on the lacal news 4 times now. Jonathan Mumm and Mike from ABC Channel 10 came out and was hear for an hour with the family interviewing us and taking video of Koti. I am trying to get him on the Ellen Show. http://www.news10.net/news/local/article/201783/477/Sacramento-pit-bull-can-swim-dive

My Dog[Kotipelto] was on Good Day Sacramento

http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/video/7507051-water-loving-pooch/ Mark S. Allen came out to my house testerday morning with Terry and went live in my backyard to do a spot on the show about how my dog can hold his breath to retreive is toy from the bottom of our pool. The neighbors also showed up. I should have made them wait out front becuz i feel they kinda took some of our time away. Oh well. It was all about Kotipelto anyways. He is the Star!