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Election Day

Steady rank in the top 10 locally for months!!! hundreds of fans,1,000 + views, approaching 10,000 plays... This all adds up to you putting us, THE BLUE COLLAR BOYZ, on stage opening up for REDMAN, right? PLZ show your BCB movement pride by casting your vote for Blue 2 open 4 Red. Thank you for the votes, and continued support over the years. -C!L BCB


Whether in the basement or in the building... the Blue Collar Boyz, aka BCB formed in the summer of 2008... initially rapping @ back yard BBQ's, or in Raw Dawg's basement, they began performing at several small venues in 2009... A January show at the former 414 Sound Bar was the BCB's first known gig. G Money opened the set w/ a solo track titled "There He Goes", accompanied by Dre's harmonic backing. Many were shocked by the performance, prompting a wild ovation. $ then teamed up w/ Raw Dawg & Eyebrow Eddie on a rendition of a track now commonly known as, "Make Way For The Bad Guys". Another highlight came w/ a spot on the Devin the Dude ticket @ BarFly, while the lowlight of the year came when a female riot broke out @ a Red Room show... Now in Twenty Twelve, the BCB have opened for many notable acts. Our first big show was w/ the Legendary Coolio at the Fineline in January of 2010... Also appearing was Hip Replacement... We all rocked the stage that night to a near sell-out crowd! The BCB made a splash a week later, seen bowlin with, cookin with, and clubbin w/ Coolio!! Next up was a mid-summer show @ Epic w/ the G child, Warren G... This was a very powerful and emotional show in honor of our fallen friend Lorenzen Wright... R.I.P. Also performing were Heatbox and Toki Wright... On 9/11 the Cabooze opened their doors to the BCB as an opening act for the man behind the Humpty Hump, Shock G of Digital Underground. We also got to meet Joe Finnegan that night and share the stage w/ St. Paul's own, The Homegrown Crew... they performed an eye-opening set WITH Hip Replacement! 2011 was a quiet year for Dem Boyz, amidst changes in the group, and other business to take care of... We still managed three Live performances, 2 of which being out-of-state shows... In March we hit the road to Memphis spending St. Patricks Day morning in Chicago on the way... The Club Insight show was a homecoming for everyone in the group except G$ & DJ Foulkes, who had an interesting, but great time to say the least... the Blue Collar dancing on Beale Street was another show in its own... After striking up a pretty good friendship w/ Coolio the first go-round, The Partier hooked up another show in April, this time @ The Lounge. Yo made news that night, national TMZ news to be exact, and any press is good press, I guess :) Homegrown Crew also came along for the ride that night. Bags were packed again a few months later as Dem Boyz traveled to Souix Falls, South Dakota, to rock Club David! Highlights of the trip included a victorious rap battle for our very own BBS! Most recently , on March 9th, 2012 ThePartier.com and Trilogy Productions teamed up once again to put on one hell of a show! We played over a half hour to a crazy crowd of pink collar girlz and Blue Collar Boyz!! The mood was set for a killer set from ATL's Ying Yang Twins... all of this leading up to the arrival and Touchdown of fellow Memphis-fueled Three 6 Mafia... They absolutely murdered it, & Juicy-J was rockin his Blue Collar Boyz gear, icing on an epic evening at Epic!

Our first CD was released Friday, July 30th, the Night of the Warren G show: Can ! Liv Presents: Blue Collar Boyz... a first volume mix tape from the hottest new rap group in the twin cities... Coming soon in the near future will be 2 more releases, "Futuristic" and "Out of The Blue" a side job from the fam called "From the Bricks" is also in the works, as well as Raw Dawg and BBS solo CD's BIG THANKS to everyone behind our opportunities, appearances, and successes.. namely Soda Partier, Sound Bar, Epic, Cabooze, Fine Line, Bar Fly, etc etc

Movin' @ the Speed Of Light

Can ! Liv


How fast a year goes by... 2010 has been a hallmark year for the Blue Collar Boyz, landing major gigs, and releasing their first full length CD in the form of a mix tape under the Can ! Liv label. 'Dem Boyz kicked off '10 w/ a near sold out show @ Fineline in Mpls., opening for the legendary Coolio... after hitting the studio hard all summer w/ producer/engineer extraordinaire TCity, the BCB geared up for a CD release coinciding with the Warren G show @ Epic in July... The event went extremely well and another venue signed on, as the Blue Collar Boyz rocked the Cabooze just last month, performing right before the headliner, Shock G of Digital Underground. Three big shows and an even bigger CD release has leapfrogged the BCB to the top of local charts, leading to the possibility of national notoriety. A group vast in its voices, the BCB looks to combine all the elements of rap music and hip hop into one. From techno to gangster, the array of sound on a Blue Collar Boyz CD is like no other. W/ uncles and neighbors getting in on the act, Can ! Liv is truly a family venture. 2011 will see the next step in the movement, a progressive leap forward. "Futuristic" is in the final stages of production, w/ the Boyz already at work on their third full length mix tape album; "Out of the Blue" From New Orleans to Memphis, and the 3rd wall to a western Minneapolis suburb, Can ! Liv's Blue Collar Boyz have officially arrived. Please enjoy!