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Changing Color

Thank you for joining me, I felt a little philosophical today while writing this email. Fall is upon us for sure and with it brings the sense of maturity and accomplishment. The true colors of nature show through before it settles in for sleep. And along with it, comes a song very much associated with a such a feeling. This song is a sneak peak off of my album. "Never Too Late, Never Too Soon"- Click reverbnation.com/joshbeetler to hear it. A piece I composed in mind with the feeling that life is not over until it is over. Infinite time is available to us no matter how little there may appear. The only thing that exists is NOW and life is what we do with it. In that regard, there is nothing but punctuality. If you are a looking for an amazing but short book that exudes this feeling, read "Siddartha" by Herman Hesse I will be adding a NEW SONG very shortly too that I have been working so hard on perfecting each little note. Giving each tone it's own color. It's funny how a song is relavent to nature. Begins as a seed, blossoms into a full song if it grab roots in the artist, and lives as long as it is relevant within that soul. And dies with the passing of the once felt feelings and emotions but is never forgotten and rings on in each new song or year. But I digress. Thank you for dropping in and reading my email. Please join my facebook page This month by clicking this link www.facebook.com/pages/Josh-Beetler-Guitar-Player/117545061597267. I will be sending out the new song very soon and updates on shows as well. Until then, enjoy the foliage and live it up. Remember, always look up in life, you always see the same thing when you look down. YOUR FEET! : ) -Josh

It takes one moment to change history...

Another friend's birthday celebrated, and in the wake of the celebration, the love and memories, I can't help but feel like it was my day as well.

Not at all in a selfish way, but a manner of rejoice and reverence toward life. It is so easy at the ripe age of 23 to feel like I have hit the point of no return, work work work work.

It's so easy to get lost in "yourself." By "yourself", I mean the tasks that either you have delegated yourself or society hath delegated yourself.

BUT, every once in a while, a beautiful night comes along, old friends, old songs, new relationships. And everything blossoms, your soul feels refreshed, and you truly remember what it's all about. You let go of the work, the drama, you don't focus on that one guy that cut you off 2 days ago.

But instead, you smile and laugh and scream your fucking lungs out. You remember that you're alive, 100% organic, and a human being. And all it takes is one night like that to give you fresh perspective.

It takes one moment to change history...


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