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album update...

Okay, here is where we are with the album… First, a tremendous amount of love, respect, and appreciation to Mark and Levi at LEPA studios for working their asses off with us. Top notch production, and amazing guys to work with. These two are pulling sounds out of us we’ve never heard before. The drums and bass were all laid down during the brutal snowstorm we had a few weeks ago, and Rick went back a few days later and finished all the guitars. In order to preserve his voice and to get a quality take every time, he’s been going in and doing only a track or two at a time. He has just a few more tracks to finish up and then all the parts are laid down. Mark and Levi said it will take a few weeks to mix everything just right, and then another week or so to master it all into a pure sound that will knock us all over. Here are the songs we’ve included: 1. No more 2. Pray for the day 3. Devil’s home brew 4. The gate 5. Only me 6. Won’t back down 7. Don’t ask 8. Roll on 9. Lost my way 10. Train of pain 11. Sinners 12. Poor man’s sleep That’s the easy part… Designing the insert, putting the package together, and organizing the marketing campaign is a hell of a lot trickier. There is just a ton of work behind the scenes to get it all together – and we’re working on it day by day, piece by piece. One of the major aspects of this will be a ground team, people who will help spread the word and help pass out some special “promo” cd’s. If you’re interested in helping us out with this just send us an email and let us know. We will make it worth your effort! Once we have a ballpark figure for the final completion date from Mark and Levi we’ll look at scheduling an album release party at one of the many venues around town. Until then, we still have a few dates up on the calendar so come out and hear the songs live, and please, please – help build the band! Ya’ll are the best. Your bassist, Jon Parr

big things a comin'

Wie gehts my Gunners! Well, like the headline says… big things are in the works for “Shotgun Rebellion” over the next few months. As most of you all should know by now, we are sharing a stage with our good friends “Texas Hippie Coalition” on Saturday, December 11 at the new Samurai (3034 N. Portland). Also on the bill that evening is “Tempesta” from Switzerland and fellow locals “Whitefall”. Tickets are only $11, so get me with me if you want to join the party. …by the way, did you listen to the interview we did the other night for KJAG radio? Just click on the link on the profile page, and be sure to leave a comment for us. We’re going to take a while off to work on the many new songs that we’ve written and get them ready for the stage. Also, we have had to part ways with Eric Queen – give him credit, without him we certainly could not have been able to get “Shotgun Rebellion” off the ground and running as quickly as we did without him. However, the music business is after all a business, and as hard as it was this was a decision that Rick and I did not make lightly. I ask you all to welcome with open arms, Jared Adams. Jared brings so much to the table I don’t even know where to begin. Great sound guy, deep rooted passion, and one helluva killer drummer. A lot of you may recognize the name, and yes, Jared was the main drummer for Rick’s former band “3 Hours of Darkness”. So, the rest of December we will spend working on the new material and getting Jared up to speed, and he and I will work to establish the powerful connection between bass and drums. We will be doing our best to begin to start laying down the tracks for our debut album “Train of Pain” as well. We’re back beneath the lights February 4 for a return trip to Rock Dogs just outside of Ft.Worth, Texas, and this will be a show you want to be a part of. Not only will we be performing with a bad-ass new band and some recent friends of ours “Cozen Effect”, but “Shotgun Rebellion” will be recording a LIVE album ! Join us for one kick-ass road trip! If we don’t see you at the THC show, we wish you all very happy holidays and please have a safe and joyful new year….and do us a favor, spread the word!!! Your bassist, Jon Parr

november wassup

Wie gehts Gunners! The stretch of four straight shows has finally ended, and damn what a run it was. A nice warm-up show at the Bora Club, a killer night at the Coca-Cola Event Center, a packed house at Bricktown Live, and then capped off with another amazing night in Texas. It’s still hard to believe that this band is only a few months old! We’ve had a blast over the past four weeks, and have been truly blessed to meet so many new people and have gained the friendship of some new bands. Up next is our show at the new Samurai (3034 N. Portland) in Oklahoma City, where we will be opening up for our old pals “Texas Hippie Coalition”. Pre-sale tickets are $11, so if you want some just let us know. After that we’re going to take a break for bit and work on laying down some of the newer songs we have been writing and getting them ready for the stage. We hope to have the full length album “Train of Pain” ready by the spring. Until then… The next show on the calendar is a return to “Rock Dogs” in Ft. Worth, Texas where we will be playing with a bad-ass new Texas metal band “Cozen Effect”. These are some great guys and hopefully we can bring them up here to Okc soon enough. If you can get away for the weekend, you will want to make plans for this show – our goal is to record the set and release a live album! Come and be a part of it! Thanks to each and every one you for your support, and help spread the word! your bassist, Jon Parr

Dallas, Texas show review

Shotgun Rebellion is a Double Barrel full magnum load of SouthernRock / Heavy Metal Musicians that call Oklahoma City, Oklahoma home…. Guitarist and lead vocalist Rick Davis formally of (3 Hours Of Darkness and Kill the Silence) teamed up with Bassist Jon Parr formally of (Echofist), and drummer Eric Queen and started jammin together, and after a few practice sessions they started putting together a unique and powerful Southern Rock /Heavy Metal sound. All they needed now was a unique band name, but not just any name - it had to be a good Ole Southern name for a good Southern Metal Band so "Shotgun Rebellion" was born….. I had known Rick the bands lead Guitar/vocalist personally for almost 5 yrs, and had seen him perform in a couple of his other bands. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that not only could Rick play a mean lead Guitar, he also had a rough Zakk Wylde sounding kind of vocals. I really wanted to see what Shotgun Rebellion had to offer, so I invited them down to Dallas Texas to perform a heading slot at a showcase I was putting on in Sept 2010. As soon as Shotgun Rebellion took the stage and I heard their first song I knew right away that Rick and his new band mates had managed to hang on to Ricks "WE'RE FIXIN TO ROCK THE HELL OUT OF U” old school ways. But “Shotgun Rebellion” is not just another Southern Rock Band, oh It’s still sort of a Southern Rock/Southern Metal genre, but with its own new unique Southern Rock Heavy Metal sound all its own, and it can’t be more evident than in a few of their new songs like “No More", “Train of Pain”, “Devil's Home Brew”, and "Roll on". Take my word for it because I’ve checked out hundreds of live local band performances and this is one band you’ll need to check out for yourself, but as for me I’m giving Shotgun Rebellion a BIG DALLAS TEXAS “HORNS UP ! and I’ll see ya at the top.” BIG DADDYWOOD, Blackthorn Productions ,Dallas Texas

aw'right Gunners

Aw’right Gunners, how the hell are ya! Well, it’s been just over two months since Rick and I decided to put this project together and after numerous auditions, Eric Queen finally entered the studio and won the job of filling in the final piece of the puzzle on drums. Since then, we have been busting our asses writing and going over new material. We are resurrecting some of the old “3 Hours of Darkness” stuff, so some of the songs may sound familiar to you that been loyal to Rick over the years. I am constantly sending Rick lyrics and ideas, and if you check the page often enough, you may just catch a glimpse of a new song he’s posted up for me listen to. Sometimes these are only up for a few days, so log onto the myspace everyday…who knows what you might hear? We recorded a 4 song ep, and will soon be adding to that and be making that available to you all very quickly. Also we are talking with a designer about getting some shirts printed for the upcoming shows….speaking of How many band do you know of that could be pull of a show in Dallas freakin’ Texas after only being together for four weeks? Well, we did it, and totally kicked some ass. The bar owner love it, the other bands enjoyed it, the audience bought all the cd’s we had (which was important for gas money back home!) and the promoter Big Daddy at Blackthorn Entertainment loved it enough to ask us back in November. He also posted up the Shotgun songs on his profile page as well. Did we stop to have a beer and pat ourselves on the back? Well. Just maybe long enough have a beer and then it’s right back to work. On October 30th we will be appearing at Big Papa’s Hellaweekend IV at the Coca-Cola Events Center in Bricktown, Okc opening for national acts “Warbeast” who is on former Pantera frontman Phillip Anselmo’s new record label. Thank you to all who have supported Rick and I over the years in “3 Hours of Darkness”, “Kill the Silence”, and”Echofist”. I humbly ask that you give Eric a warm welcome and throw your support behind “Shotgun Rebellion” I promise you will not be disappointed !! Your bassist, Jon Parr