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Shotgun Rebellion releases 6 songs from the first demo album

Shotgun Rebellion releases 6 songs from their first demo album featuring the original members Jon Parr on bass, Steve Parnell on lead guitar, Jared fuzzy Adams on drums on songs Emperors Clothes, Face the grave, Killed by love and You Fn' lose check it out

Shotgun Rebellion's new Self titled album

We'll "Shotgun Rebellion" fans, just in-case you didn't know we re-released our Train of Pain album as a new Self titled album and here is why. We had our good friend Randy Cooper former Texas Hippie Coalition guitarist set in with us back in Aug of 2013 opening for Ted Nugent in OKla city the show went really well and led to several other big shows like that. Randy had some time before his new album from his band Emperors and Elephants broke in Feb of this year so he and the rest the guys in SGR was talking and the subject came up that Randy wished he could of been apart of our album Train of Pain that we released just a couple month earlier and had only sold a few hundred copies so far. So we talked to the producer of the album and it was arranged for Randy to go in and add his unique touch to it and then we re-released it March 18th of this year and it's doing quite well so far. We're all pretty damn proud of it and Randy once told me he thinks it may be his best work since Pride of Texas from his THC days. We decided to re-named it for this reason it takes on a whole new life with Randy plus John Cheadle our producer out did himself this time and it sounds even better than the original. So do your self a favor and go check it out and hear for yourself' Get a copy of it and please tell your friends about it. You can find it for download on any major download company or Cdbaby for Hard copies and also downloads. Here is a link to the Cdbaby page. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/shotgunrebellion1 P.S. The original Train of Pain album will not longer be available after May this year but for now you can still find it on Itunes and Emusic for download only get it while it's still available and see for yourself Thank you all it's been a hell of a Ride.

Rockapaloosa/Indy and Beyond

Well, we did Planet Rock, Rockapaloosa and Monkey's Tail so far on the tour package. Today is the off day and we are sitting in Slippery Noodle Blues Bar in Indianapolis enjoying a cold one. Great town, having a lot of fun meeting and making new friends and fans. Looking forward to a great time at Visions Sports bar and Indy Jukebox this week. Indy ROCKS!

March 2013

Wassup Gunners !

March has come which means winter is almost behind us and spring and summer are just around the corner. Been a lot going on and even more on the horizon, so let's get to it !

- First, please give a big welcome to our newest addidtion, Michael Meirs who will tickling the ivorys for us. Mike has help given the music an added depth and fattened up the sound. The first few rehearsals went well, but we had no idea how much the crowd would respond to the first show with him on stage. Last week we again shared the time beneath the lights with the "Texas Hippie Coalition", and with Mike on keys "train of pain" was a classic, "just as good a day to die" hit home, "squeeze my shotgun" rocked, and our version of "Black Label Society's" track "in this river" got the 900 in a full chorus sing-a-long.

- We are busy working on pre-production tracks and are scheduled to begin laying down Johni's drums in the next few weeks.Our original plans were to start recording our second album before another round of labels began showing interest, so the plan now is to record some of our most popular tracks with a few of the new ones in a top state of the art studio with high end engineering. If all goes to plan, the album will be ready by mid-May.

- Summer is looking big !, we already had been asked to join Australian rockers "Sunset Riot" on a few dates around the Oklahoma and Texas region, and last week we received an invitation to join the lineup at Rockapalooza in Jackson, Michigan on June 22.

- Also, "SGR" is happy to announce that we have signed on with Avid Promotions, and the staff is busy working hard at booking dates around Rockapalooza for us throughout the Midwest. As soon as the confirmations are secure we will post them up, so stay tuned.

- Help us spread the word and visit our sites and help share the links. We are on reverbnation, twitter, myspace, and in addition to the official "Shogtun Rebellion" facebook page, each member has a profile and also be sure to join the "Shotgun Rebellion Gun Club".

see ya soon ! your bassist, Jon Parr

December, 2012

Happy Holidays to all our fans, and so much thanks to each and every one of you for making this year absolutely amazing !

2012 saw us expand further outside of the Oklahoma City area and introduced us to so many more Gunners ! Also, thanks to the support of DJ’s and Programmers, “Shotgun Rebellion” is being heard on dozens of online and terrestrial radio stations and shows across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Currently we are working on recording our second album “Double Shot” and plan to release it early next spring. The phone calls and messages are going back and forth as we also are talking with venues all around the southwest as we start to put together shows in dozens of new markets.

2012 was fun, but 2013 will be bigger !

Thank you for being a part of the ride, and we appreciate your support !

“Shotgun Rebellion”

Wassup Gunners !

Been a hectic few weeks, a lot of irons in the fire !

Most importantly, Johni Walker is full on board as the new drummer and is blowing our minds. We are working him pretty hard, but he is picking up the material like a sponge. For all of our long time fans you won't believe what he is bringing to the table. Even to Steve, Rick, and I the songs are taking on a new life and kicking even more ass!

The timeline we anticipated to be back live has been moved way up...We just locked up an agreement to appear at the Rockstar Bar in Dennison, Texas a couple of times in November. Also we will be joining some good friends "The Joint Effect" out of Wichita for a show at the Ol' Memorial Lounge in Tulsa in December. As Johni gets more comfortable with the SGR catalog we'll add more dates as we can.

Another thing, as you've noticed we've been busting our butts on a ton of behind the scenes business stuff. Believe me, I've read more articles, blogs, and books on publishing, copyright, licenses, etc. in the last few weeks I think I'm ready to go down and try and pass the bar, lol...

We've been hitting the promotion angle pretty hard and it seems each week SGR is being added onto web radio stations from around the world. I get an airplay report once a week and it is very humbling and amazing to see fans jamming to "Shotgun Rebellion" all over the globe. These sites are huge for unsigned artists and I'm telling you there is some DAMN good bands out there you've never heard of. (A good place to stay on top of this is make sure you add The Hellion Rock press to your favorites as James is always dropping some new bands for you to jam to.)

I know we all have hectic schedules, but whenever we post a new online station, save the link and go back and visit their shows every now and then...whether SGR is being featured or not. Show 'em some love people.

...and finally, we've just released the brand new SGR mobile app ! Right now we only have it on Andoid, but the apple version will be coming soon. All of us in the band have Androids so it was easier for us to download it, check out the bugs, and see how it worked.

Other than that, just keep spreading the word, get on the Gun club and drop us a line to say hey.

See ya'll very soon !

your bassist, Jon Parr

New drummer

Well Shotgun fans, we have a new drummer and he totally kicks ass. His name is Johni Walker, we will continue rehearsing for the next month and should be out playing by Nov. Look for a live Shotgun Rebellion show soon

Shotgun Rebellion Rocks New Tunes, Prepares For Tour

You read that right - your Shotgun Rebellion has developed some new incredible tunes and is preparing for a tour of the Gulf states right around the first of March, 2012.

Check out the new merchandise, the new songs for yourself, then share them with your fellow outlaw rockers.

June news from the SGR Gun Club

June news from the SGR Gun Club Summer has arrived, and with that the biggest announcement of all… “Train of Pain” is here !!! A major thanks and a raise of the glass to toast Mark and Levi Parker at Life Effects Pro Audio in Allen for all their hard work in putting the album together. With close to thirty originals, it was tough to decide which songs to include. Since this was our debut album, we picked the nine that we thought shows the various sides of the band. “Roll On” and “Pray for the Day” are the fast upbeat metal tracks; “Don’t Ask” and “No More” are the straight ahead rockers that have a solid groove. The title track “Train of Pain” is our southern styled anthem that pulls you in and kicks your ass. There are the slower pieces “Goodbye Hero” that pays respect to our fallen, and the soul searching “Sinners” that showcase SGR’s acoustic side. Finally we have the songs that display our storytelling side in “Devil’s Home Brew” about a widow and her moonshine, and the highly acclaimed epic “The Ballad of Ada” that tells of the 1909 lynching of four outlaws that happened not far from Rick’s house. Come out to a show and pick yours up, or you can visit our store site at www.reverbnation.com/shotgunrebellion . You can purchase each track individually for $.99, or you can download the entire album as an mp3 for $8. If you want the old fashioned jewel case with the four page insert, that is available for $9.99. We’ve also been talking over some new shirt designs and should have those ready here pretty soon. Also, Jared created a killer looking sticker that we all are sporting on our trucks now. Those didn’t last long at all and we ordering some new ones. On the calendar this month is another trip up to Stillwater at Stumbley’s on the 18th, and on the 25th we will be headlining at a BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) event just north of Edmond. I’ll post up the exact location and details soon. June 25th is the marquee show of the month as we will be playing alongside our good friends in the “Texas Hippie Coalition” and 80’s icons “Faster Pussycat” at the Samurai in Oklahoma City. Tickets are $15 and you can get a hold of Rick, Jared, or I to hook up on these. As always, check out the facebook page join the SGR Gun Club and tell us what you’re up to, and visit the official site at www.shotgunrebellion.net – and help spread the word !! See ya soon, Your bassist, Jon Parr

May News from the SGR Gun Club

May News from the SGR Gun club First and foremost, thanks to each and every one of you all who have helped us advance through the 2011 Rock 100.5 KATT Band Beatdown. We wrapped up our second round showcase last night at Bricktown Live and hopefully soon find out in a few days if we have made it to the finals. April was a very hectic month for us, but again much appreciation to all in Ft. Worth, Stillwater, and El Reno for coming out and partying with us – lots of new faces ! The word of “Shotgun Rebellion” is spreading, and over the last few weeks our media contacts have surged. Right now we are in the process of scheduling some interviews with online stations and some print media, so be on the look-out for announcements… If you haven’t been paying attention, we posted up a new song on the facebook page, “The Ballad of Ada”. For those of you not familiar with the story, it is about the 1909 lynching of four outlaws. Just type into google and read the story yourself…and by the way, this all happened only a few miles from Rick’s house where we put all this together ! I wrote after watching a documentary entitled the “The Death of the West”…they have a facebook page as well, so please search it out. I’ve talked to the producer of the film and he is a big fan of the song – so show him some love. Now the big news…”Train of Pain” is almost finished !! We are planning to sit down with Mark and Levi Parker at Life Effects Studio this weekend to have a listening party. If everything sounds ok, we sign off on the project and we should have the album ready for you within a short amount of time. This month the calendar has us at the Samurai with our long time friends “META” on the 14th, and then it is off to Enid on the 19th, and possible a return to Stillwater on the 20th. Jared has been working on some new merch ideas, and he put together an awesome sticker that we all now have on our vehicles so be on the lookout for those at the next show. Also, he has been busy on photoshop building some new shirt designs as well…. Well, there is your May update. Help us out and spread the word. Like the facebook band page, add your name to the SGR Gun club if you haven’t already – and I challenge you to add some of your friends who you think we dig the music. Remember in June we have the BACA Nation benefit on June 25th, and the big show at the Samurai with “Texas Hippie” and “Faster Pussycat” on the 30th. …and finally, to all our fans south of the Mason Dixon…we are in the stages of building a road trip. New Orleans, Biloxi, and Mobile – get ready to rock. Your bassist, Jon Parr