The End of radio Podcast

On 10-31-12 DAMNASTY's new friends @ "The End of Radio" Podcast ... On this date They will be unleashing There bi-weekly podcasts of local SF Bay Area unsigned/independent Bands/Musicians. What an awesome idea, I can't wait


\m/DAMNASTY\m/ CD Release Update

Mr. Toads, as of 4:20 Mmonday afternoon DAMNASTY'S 24trk tapes We're finally in good enough shape to retrieve & digitally mastel all of the recorded tracks. It took more time and more money than I originally had planned for this step.. But now it's done and done right... Now we are ready and totally set up for step 2 (The Funnest of all the steps) the steps of musical creations.. A HUGE Thanks from The DAMNASTY Boys to Tardon @ Mr. Toads; Without your expertise 4 turning a piece of shit into it fine wine,Our CD Project could NOT have ever have gotten off the ground. You are the man and have my deepest gratitude. Now for step 2, the recording studio... Now the real fun begins; the rebuilding of DAMNASTY'S Original creations.. Next update should come from recording studio...

FINALLY!!! Recording Studio Picked & Reserved!!!

FINALLY!! ! The recording studio (Workhouse Recording Studios in SJ. Ca.) has been picked & reserved for next month (Jan.) Day & Time Will be confirmed in the next week for Ray w. & Mike (THE AX) to complete step 1.)To go and have all of DAMNASTY's Analog recordings Digitally Remastered. Then we can go to complete step 2.) Cleaning up and ad tracks to recorded songs then finally step 3.) Create our CD for distribution to Our family, friends, and fans.... More news to come soon..... Stay tuned....\m/\m/

THE RUMOR IS; AX May be here this weekend!!

I heard AX may be stopping by the DAMNASTY Domain this weekend! Rumor has it that he might have with him freshly located DAMNASTY Media, Audio/Video & more... Can't wait to see what he brings with him to share.... Stay Tuned....


DAMNASTY is currently gathering all of our recordins for the next DAMNASTY CD. It's our plan to have it ready just after the new year(Jan-Mar 2011) If you would like to reserve a copy for yourself go to this link: http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/control_room/974971#!/damnasty1 and join the DAMNASTY mailing list and put in your request for DAMNASTY's next CD. There will be a limited number available so get in your request ASAP so we have an idea of about how many CD's to have made for all the family, friends, & all the DAMNASTY FANS that may want one. Thanks everyone, DAMNASTY