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Sorry to everyone who tried to stream our new single on Tuesday.

Due to a miscommunication between us and our publishers, we were never able to get the song prepared to stream on Jango.com. In fact, we won't be able to until much later this month. But that's okay because we'll still have a 24 hour sneak peek of the EP's first single "Hearbreaker" up and ready to stream on Monday, July 25th. So head over to Jango.com now and start your Terribles station now.

Please bear in mind that the song will only be available from 12:00am until 11:59pm, after which the song will be taken down for free streaming. At 12:00am on Tuesday the 26th of July, the song will become available for paid download on all of the major download sites you frequent, including iTunes and Amazon.

Also, anyone attending our show at Mojo Main on July 24th will receive a download card good for one free download of the new single "Heartbreaker". Come party with us at Mojo on Sunday July 24th and get some free music with your Monday morning hangover.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a release date for the new EP in its entirety. Coming out sometime later this year with five new Terribles songs!

Recording and other things

We know we've been hamming this recording thing for a while, but the time has come. Next Saturday, May 14th we will be entering Milk Boy Studios in Ardmore PA, to record Jezzebelle. Jezzebelle will be a 5 song EP style recording. A short and aggressive collection of music that touches on every piece of The Terribles sound and ability. We are self producing, and plan on using Marathon recording sessions to get the entire disc recorded as quickly as possible. The tracks for the disc will be Jezzebelle, She Was, Lucy, Heartbreaker, and Chelsea.

Now that we have that little factoid session out of the way, we are currently signed up for the Ernie Ball Online Battle of The Bands [BOTB]. Since we aren't playing shows right now while we record and prepare to promote a new disc we figured this was a great way to keep you guys involved. And hey, if enough of you head on over to the Ernie Ball website and vote for us, we may even get a spot on the Ernie Ball Stage at Warptour. You can visit our voting page by clicking on the big Ernie Ball BOTB banner on our reverbnation page. http://www.reverbnation.com/thexterribles. Feel free to vote now and vote often.

Moving forward....

And so Bon Scott Soma is once again the meat behind the beat for The Terribles. We wish Rollo all the best in his current and future projects.

That being said, we are still working on recording a new EP. We've nailed down a track list of some of the songs that are going to be featured on "Jezzebelle".

1. Jezzebelle 2. 'Aught 'A Be 3. Lucy 4. Ghost's of Yesterday 5. Chelsea

We may possibly record others. Longtime fans of The Terribles should be familiar with at least two of the songs listed.

One of the reasons this EP has been so difficult to put together is because of how long we've gone without recording. A lot of you are very familiar with songs that have never been officially recorded. This makes selecting songs to record difficult in the sense that, we wan't to put out "new" music, but a lot of our music isn't so "new" anymore. We'll figure it out though, and we promise the final product will be well worth the wait.

Banned From Life--Again! Limited Edition Pressing

Pressed for the first time since it's recording in 2009, you can get a copy at a show near you. Also available here and on iTunes. Release Date:January 06, 2009 Label:Independent Synopsis Always inteded as a Digital release only, this EP is a revisit of THE TERRIBLES 2007 "Banned From Life" LP. This EP was recorded at Jam Sound Studio in National Park, NJ. It featured current drummer Glen Rollo, Bassist Joe Owens, and band founder Elliott HD. The EP contained four songs off of the 2007 release that were rerecorded and arranged. Two new songs "A Girl Like You" and "The Love Song" were added to the EP. Engineered & Mixed By Joe Moscariello .

About that "Album"...

I know we said we were making progress on a second Album, that was shaping up to be about 10 tracks. Well, after much debate, it looks like the Album is going to be a five song EP instead. But I can guarantee it'll be amazing. We have the five songs we'll be recording finalized. More likely be jumping in the studio very soon. Plan to have a full release out by Christmas. We'll see though. You know how "plans" go.

Making the second album

I just want to touch base with all you guys and let you know that the second album is coming along nicely. It's shaping up to be between ten and eleven tracks, featuring five to six track previously never heard to anyone but us. We are also continuing to write new tracks at every rehearsal. We should start having live, raw versions of the songs popping up on our purevolume page, with the final, studio versions being released on an, as of yet unnamed, full length album. Check here often for the latest in news and updates.

The Terribles in 2010

And so starts a new era for The Terribles. We are currently writing new material and preparing to record a new album. In the meantime, we'll be playing a few select shows here and there. Keep an eye on the events section of our page to learn where and when. We hope to see you out at the next show.