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Darker Garden

Darker Garden (a lyrical poem by jaragawen)

As a child I carried those thoughts in my heart, They defined the classic naive boy, So thinking love was real.

Surely a Queen loved her King for his heart, And a Kings love was worthy of her affections.

Did I live in that world so long untested, Made a fool, to never see those scapegoats coming?

That I was made a peasant from the very start, To carry love from the fields into this bitter court.

Above that court was a million stars, And a full moons' face that never turned away.

Watched  in that moment as I wept beneath her silver light, As I buried my soul in a darker garden.

And my bones grew angry around my heart, As I bowed and I bid the devil it's playtime, The boy now cursed the sun hanging over me, To forever chain a wicked shadow to my folly.

Said It on a Saturday (you can call me blue)

Said it on a Saturday (you can call me blue)

Said it on a Saturday Must have been the dead of May A tree was blowin' in the breeze And I was sat down on my knees

I set out for a holiday Goin' down to Fair-Good Way Takin' only my soul Maybe a friend, maybe a foe

I just don't know.....

Slowly I ..... I try to deal with this, A Monday......

Pour the coffee real strong Wonderin' what the hell's goin' on? Feels like I'm still asleep But this is kind of a boring dream.....

Don't ya' think it's time to say goodbye To all the things that you keep on, Insisting that ya' should be Holding on to....

When it's time to let go...

Once around the merry-go-round Once around seventeen.... It didn't mean a thing

So ya' grow up so fast but so slow Catchin' up? Aren't you? Until gray and hazy eyes And then you realize... It's just sacrifice 

Oh lead me out of here I trapped myself in the gutter And I disappeared  I had a name but I forgot it now It didn't mean much anyway....

But you can call me blue, You can call me a fool... I'll make it easy for you

30 Oars

30 oars are rowing but the wind isn't blowing anymore The waves they out number us And don't give up any shore And it seems like every night now We've lost another man before the mourn And on this journey I've grown weary and worn And the captain often asks me Son do you think that you'll hang on

Looking for a bird in the sky Oh to give us a sign That we're near to the land that We've been rowing for all this time But I see our flag is faded Sun bleached hung torn on the mass And the captain often taunts me Son do you think that you'll last

I'm low in the galley Alone with my thoughts Just keep thinking of how far I've come Left my home with a hope to find freedom That of which I have never know Oh that of which I have never known

And the captain often taunts me Son do you think you'll hang on And I just say I don't know Oh just leave me alone Leave me to row And I'll let you know when we are close I'll let you know when we are close So just let me know when we are close

And I'll tell you when I get there If I am doing fine I might feel like gold and I Might fell like the anchor that's sinking Sinking low