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CD Review "Passages of Time" by Musician Peggy Leyva Conley


Released: (17 Tracks)

Musician: Peggy Leyva-Conley

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Peggy Leyva-Conley was born in Hollister, California, San Benito County on the Central coast, began playing Piano at the age of eight, with an influence to perform by ear, and feel to the Piano as an artist. The Pianist currently makes her home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, Sumner County near Nashville on Old Hickory Lake area.

The Artist music background consists of Classical, Folk, Blues formal training of Piano Theory and yet she retains her own style, creativity by continuing to create original compositions. The Artist has performed for live audience in various parts of California and Tennessee.

The first CD release is titled "Passages of Time" which is a blend of Classical, Symphony and instrumental music.

The Artist is currently working on a second Preliminary CD consisting of original compositions. The latest music composed of is music themes with an interest in motion television narration of movie sounds comprised of original Piano, Instrumental and sound effects. The musical scores each have a title theme pertaining to various subject matters which is portrayed in each song, can be generated into various movie scripts given the artist concepts, ideas as a writer, and as a musician.

The Artist is a Member of "The National League of American Pen Women" in the field of Academics and acceptance by the Panel Board which is head-quartered in Washington D.C. The Artist areas of concentration include Writing, Music and Art as a member of the NLAPW Nashville branch.

Peggy Leyva-Conley's first solo CD titled "Passages of Time" has seventeen original sound tracks released by the artist and created at Ninja Sound Studio in Hendersonville a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee.

The CD has the following songs which reflect this artist passion for Classical, Ambient, Symphony, self-healing music, and use in dramatic movie sound scripts which can take the listener into a realm all their own.

The Artist was inspired to create this CD as an honor to her heritage which battled the Oceans of time, Sailing on Ships from England, France and Ireland over centuries ago coming to the new world. Many of the Artist ancestors, descendants fought in battles during the Revolutionary and the Civil War in the United States paving a way for generations to come.

Producer: Ninja Sound Studio, Hendersonville, TN

Sound Engineers: Bill Gramse, Erik Staton

Photographer: Carol Carver-Chandler – Front Cover (piano)

Graphic Design: Erik Staton – All Aspects Technology (Front/Inside/Back Cover)

Musicians: Peggy Leyva-Conley, Piano, Drums, Instrumentalist – (All Tracks)

Rick Hickman – Acoustic Guitar (Track 4)

Bill Broyles – Bass (Track 4)