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Hey all. So been a really long time since I updated the blog, apologies to those of you who actually take the time out to read the posts.

Anyway, we've been on a bit of break recently, mainly due to school. However, we've been writing and compose a lot of new stuff, and it doesn't sound bad at all if I may say so. We have plans of recording an EP next month, we're just having a bit of a problem coming up with the required amount of money to do so. Hopefully we'll come up with something and get to recording.

You guys will get regular updates from hence forth so just be a wee bit patient if we're silent on our end, things are a bit slow at the moment; they're moving, but they're slow.

We appreciate all your support. Cheers guys!

Battle of the Bands; Ramps and Amps

Gig this weekend, highschool edition of the normal Battle of the Band's that we play at. It's funny that all those guys we normally hang-out with at the gigs had no idea that we were still in school.

Anyway, will let y'all know how things go. Till then boys and girls, keep it Crystal!

Battle of the Bands; Blue October

Hey there guys and gals =)

So i'm like two weeks late on the Battle of the Bands update, my apologies for that. Buuuut, it was pretty darn awesome, our best gig yet! The moshpit was insane, guys were singing along, women were screaming our names, my nuts are tingling and im going to stop typing now!

All-in-all, we had a blast, terrific terrific time. Atleast we now have our name out there, not just a band by name but we're actually doing it. I already feel like a rockstar, haha :D Also people have really been asking about our stuff, time to get seriously serious with our stuff.

Anyway, update soon enough, this is all I got right now. Take it easy guys, stay safe and keep it Crystal =)

First blog... =)

Well, this is Djae, its about 11:43pm right now an im bored so im gonna start on this blog thingy... Yeah!

Don't have much to write right now... :/

Oh, we played something small for the people in school today, two covers. They were pretty sweet so I think we now know what direction we want to head in musically, atleast we've got a rough idea. Im happy with the progress we're making; small baby steps, slowly by slowly getting where we wanna be.

So, im off to take a dump now, more entry's soon enough