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We will be a the Oriental theater rolling out some of our new stuff and laying into some of our prior hits! We are neck deep in our new double cd and setting to release ep's in the next 3 months! 2015 is looking to be shaping up as a Coyote Comet of a year! We hope to see you all out at the Oriental on November 22nd. Coyote Magic is stealing over the Great Divide!


Coyotes going to the studio today. Celebrate one of our fearless leaders Birthday and make NEW Coyote music!!!


We are in the process of recording our 6th and most ambitious album to date! The Mile High City just keeps getting cooler, and we just keep being inspired to write more magical music! Art is Life!!

Thanks to the CPRA Performing Arts Jamboree

Hi! This is Gary and Melissa saying thanks to the folks at the CPRA Performing Arts Jamboree for a great conference at the JeffCo Fairgrounds on January 27. We met a lot of nice folks looking for talent from around Colorado, and we also met an amazing group of really nice and talented performers. It was our first time attending, and we look forward to making music for and with you. Bright Moments.

What is this thing called Blog?

Hello there...Andy O'Blivion here blogging about all things Coyote...it's to be my regular part time job and it's great to keep in touch with all of you out there. If it's one thing I like to do is talk about music with other people who like music...yep I am a music nerd. I remember a quote, I think it's Frank Zappa but I didn't fact check it because it could have been somebody else or attributed to Frank and I didn't want to veer off like I am doing so...the quote...talking about music is like dancing to architecture...doesn't everybody dance to architecture? Anyway we played at the d-note up in Olde Town Arvada last night and had a great time. Even though the audience was mostly folks that happened by to eat or hang or hear the young band that followed us they were a very lovely audience and the folks at the d-note are professional and attentive.Eric does great sound and we thank him because with an 8 piece band being a sound man is some serious work...We continue to work on the next recording which will be called "Strange Lullaby" The new songs went over well last night at the show...we are stoked at doing a version of The Doors classic "Roadhouse Blues" and we are happy to play The Doors music but just as glad we put our stamp on it. I imagine being a singer doing a Jim Morrison song might be intimidating but our singer Melissa Gates approaches it in her way with respect to Jim. We had to cut the show short last night so we didn't get to play a new favorite of mine called "Honey For My Children" but it went over well at the Rock N Soul Cafe last month...It's been interesting talking to radio stations about our music because for years I was on the other side of those music calls as former Music Director at KUVO 89.3 fm in Denver aka KUVO.org if you want to listen I am still on there but am no longer Music Director (brilliantly done now by Arturo Gomez), anyway I used to hear from people asking about their music and now it's me calling radio....Cool by me I love people and as I said before I like talking about music but I LOVE talking about Coyote Poets of the Universe...just a little biased I guess... Well we are all doing fine and making new music for the next CD including some freebies so keep tuned... Thanks for your awesome support. as Rahsaan Roland Kirk used to say BRIGHT MOMENTS!!!

Join the Coyote Poets at the DNote!

Join us on Tuesday, January 24th at 7PM at the DNote in Arvada, Colorado. No cover charge! Come on out, hear great music, have great pizza and beer! 7PM to 10PM. We look forward to seeing you!

Thanks Rock N Soul Cafe

Thanks to Sheryl and Sam at the Rock N Soul Cafe in Boulder for hosting us on December 17. We had a great time and want to let everyone know this is a great place with terrific food and a great sound system. Check it out if you have the chance!

Andy's First Blog (awww)

TAP TAP...TAP TAP...is this thing on?? Hi everyone...Andy O'Blivion here...I am the bassist and Cap'n of your Coyote Poets of the Universe and now I am going to start blogging away. RUN RUN!!!

Four Star Reviews **** for Pandora's Box

Thanks to Dana Wright at Muzikreviews and Mark Johnson at Sea Of Tranquility for their great reviews of our CD 'Pandora's Box'! What a psych for us. Check out Muzikreviews.com and SeaofTranquility.org. Take care, Gary7

Hello, from Coyote Poets

Hi, I'm Gary, guitarist and producer for Coyote Poets of the Universe. Thanks for visiting our website. We are still in the process of posting stuff here, so thanks for your patience. Thanks to new fans who sign up to our email list, I hope you enjoy our music.