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Descendants of Chaos / Blog

Dreaming Reality

Have you ever had a moment when you were stone cold awake but the details of a situation made it feel as though you must be dreaming? Or a time when you were so sure that you knew what something was about and then the next time you got into it, suddenly it was different? I'm finding this to be the case more and more recently. Almost as though everything I once understood has somehow been reset. Like a glitch in the system that only I can detect. Am I dreaming this reality? Sometimes even the most basic functions of this existence seem only to be a mirage. You reach for the stability of a solid subject only to find that you've missed by a mile. Running your fingers through the particles left in the wake of this illusion. Dreaming reality? Or is this "reality" only lucid dreaming? You decide.

A Just court my ass

Fuck you Supreme Court! You have the nerve to call yourself a "Justice"?!?!?! American Justice didn't used to be forcing U.S.Citizens to buy something or else be...Wait for it...."Taxed". WTF?!?! So the U.S.S.C. passes "Obamacare" Mandate and up holds the entire law based on the fact that they see it as a TAX. They say that since the IRS will be collecting the $700+ penalty that you will pay for not buying health insurance that the mandate qualifies as a TAX and there for is Constitutional. WTF?!?!?! So it was a 5 to 4 vote so it was close and that would make it appear that they are not all crazy and that may be true. But what gets me is Obama, in a national address, told the Supreme court [basically] that if they knew what was good for them they'd pass it. I take that as pass it or else. Is that a court making a decision or following orders? The words NAZI DICTATOR come to mind. Don't they? Look I happen to think that ALL human beings in this country should have access to care, food, education, and a fair chance at making a good life for themselves and their children...Oh wait a minute...THEY DO IF THEY MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS AND WORK/PAY FOR IT [Provided the Gov. gets out of the way]... In a MONETARY SYSTEM there is no way we can just GIVE that to everyone without eventually bankrupting the system...What's that? You say, "Oh but the mandate will pay for it." Really? You think they won't steal it like they have done with Social Security? Come on! You trust your Gov. too much.... That is why our founding fathers set up this nation the way they did. "Does not a rising tide raise all boats?" If you level the field and don't wrap a bunch of red tape around everything it makes it possible for every person to have the same chance. At that point it leaves the choice up to YOU the U.S. Citizen as to what kind of life you want AND THAT is what dictates how hard you will work for it. If you just want everyone to be taken care of regardless of how motivated or not motivated they are. Then please consider this. If you went to work and busted your ass day in and day out, were always there no matter what was going on at home, stayed late sometimes, and even went the extra mile when it came to your customers and made the same money and got the same treatment as the guy that didn't do shit, often took naps, cursed at the customers, and just didn't even come into work but 2 days a week, is that "fair"? Wouldn't you quit and find a better job? Same thing goes for every aspect of life. Especially politics. Keep thinking you can be Capt. Save-A-Mooch and SOON WE WILL ALL BE NAZI RED.

New Faces

Hello all it's Trip From Descendants of Chaos here reminding you that if you are a new visitor to our site and you like what you are hearing Please recommend us to your friends and share our music with others. The best way to help out "Underground" music is to share it with people and promote the bands you love. Word of mouth means a lot to us and it seems that people are saying great things about our music so thank you for listening and stay tuned for more from D.O.C.

Street teamer challange

A big heart felt thank you to all the fans and street teamers for all you help in spreading our music around for all to hear. Stay tuned for the results on who won the challange as the will be posted monday Nov. 1rst...Thanx-D.O.C.

Lookin up

D.O.C. was Played again on 106.5 The End's 90 min on sunday. This is the 2nd track that Divakar has spun for us {Thank you Mr. Divakar}.We are honored that we seem to be getting recieved well. Thanx to The fans, Divakar and 106.5 The End For the Luv. Keep your dial tuned to 106.5 The End on sundays from 8:30pm-10:00pm to catch 90 minutes local and regional music show with divakar and Support local music!!

NC Metal scene

Glad to be a part of the NC Metal scene Descendants of Chaos features former members of; Burn my Eyes,Spoken Through Shadows, Nefarious, Heredity, and Spun. This rough edged, hard hitting metal will melt your face and drop mind numbing intellect driven lyrics on you till your jaw hits the floor! Check out some teaser tracks online now from their new album "SCARS" Here on reverbnation.com