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Music Snobbery: Just Say No!

When I mention a band, and you say you don't like them, and I ask you why, and you reply " because they're posers."

Well... methinks the poser is you, eh?

Music is subjective: dismissing an entire band's validity because YOU don't like them is pretentious at best, obnoxious at worst. Everybody's got an opinion, I get that. But it's this music elitism that's driving me batty lately. Individuals, bands, critics, DJ's, producers, you name it... I'm hearing it everywhere I go. It's like the movie "Hi Fidelity" has been taken as a model for musical opinion... I love that film as a FILM, not as a way to express myself.

I'm a musician, a DJ, and an a/v production professional. I'm surrounded by music daily. I don;t love everything I hear, but I also don't tell people they can't like it as if to say my opinion is more important. It's not; I learned that a looooong time ago.

Yikes, people, be a little more open-minded: it's 2012!!!