Second Single

Welcome Back the Second Single Off of Starting Lineup drops tonight!

Starting Lineup

The mix-tape "Starting Lineup" Is having the final finishing touches put on it. The first single "F-Them" is availiable now for download or streaming. The whole mixtape will be availiable for download exclusively on Reverbnation. Much love and continue to support the movement. T.L.X.L.


Been working like crazy! Putting the final touches on this mix-tape St.Valentines Day Massacre. It drops on Febuary 14th. Exclusive download at 12 midnight on the lables page www.reverbnation.com/capitalstaterecords . Be sure to download your FREE COPY. Much love HAZARD

Phantom a/k/a/ Ghost Writer

Between ghost writing and doing my own music I am super busy. I do this for bread and meat...If I dont write I dont eat!!!!

Another Day On My Grind

Man the music isnt so hard to create. Thats the easy part! Getting the word out and promoting without a major label is a whole notha story. Ima keep at it though. I done came to far to turn back. HAZARD