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The Smokin' Chokin' Bandit's Guard The Weed! A political pothead comedy CD M.A.C. Morrison's Darkness & Light album: A none comedy album with deep emotional songs and poetry M.A.C. Morrison's Life Worth Living album: Another none comedy album based on (DBT)Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills with songs about regulating the mind and meditation pieces My song "Bang in the Bong!" is featured in the Travis Legge Rockford made slasher flick "Raymond Did It" now playing in select theaters look it up for more info. Unfortunatly the song "For our lie" I worked on with Lenny Cowart did not make the cut... But the song will be a bonus track in the album Darkness & Light. All of these projects should be finished in 2011 but due to some side projects I'm doing currently for JWC "Mental health and recovery center of Rockford IL" and Rosecrance "Drug rehab center of Rockford IL" and Game Worlds "Game store of the IL/WI stateline" some albums maybe pushed back.

Sincerely M.A.C. Morrison


Alright all 3 Albums of mine are now on here minus a few tracks (Miked!) from 2003 and Miked Again! from 2006 and FUCK Rockford IL! from 2008 which I made under the name MAD DOG & The FUCK Ya'lls!And currently I'm working on a forth, album entitled Darkness & Light which should be out some time next year plus I'll be down loading some extra tracks that were never released like Smoke It Up! 2008 which is all rock not my usual acoustic stuff I had a full band at that time.