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Finally...though long over due, we're going into the studio this weekend to begin work on the first album (I like the sound of the word album rather than CD). Thanks to all for your support and encouragement.

Missouri Arts Council Pick

The Missouri Arts Council (MAC) board approved the panel recommendation to include Gary Schoenberger in the Missouri Touring Performers Directory.


I recently received this message. Thank you Terry. "I'm having lunch listening to your songs, They tell stories of life, old and new, the happy with the sad. Life's stories and scars, a road well travelled. I took a step back today to listen as a stranger. You are an exremely talented singer and songwriter. Terry--A Fan

New Page

I've just added a "Comment/Question" page to my official web site www.garyschoenberger.com. It's under "Contact" at the top of the page.


Visit my new web site, www.garyschoenberger.com to keep track of schedules, photos, & much more. I'm sticking with Reverb too so you can always find me here. Take care.

News...May 1, 2014

Hi fellow travelers. I hope you're well. Lots to report. It'll be 2 years (June 12, 2012) since my accident and about 5 months since my last surgery. Things are going well and improving every day. I'm back to writing and performing. Thanks again for all of your good thoughts, prayers and positive energy. My new web site is up and running www.garyschoenberger.com. Stop by and let me know what ya think. I've been keeping busy doing solo shows as well as working with my back up group "the Perfect Strangers". Steve Johnson, Kevin Weaks and, most recently, Mandy Schoenberger (my wife) on upright bass. You can read more about them and get other info on the web site. Take care. Peace.

Me & Cher

I'm not sure how many comebacks one is allowed but pretty soon I'm gonna be tied with Cher. Had my neck rebuilt Nov. 5, (2013) but I'm back playing again. Hope to see you soon on a stage near you. Peace.


Hi friends. Well I'm back playing again. I have a few shows under my belt and so far no one's thrown anything at me that I can't duck. As many of you know, I had a really bad wreck on my horse, June 2012, which left me quadraplegic for a couple of months. Thanks to a great medical team, my wonderful family & friends, especially my incredible wife Mandy, & of course my Higher Power I'm able to do most everything pretty well. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, kind thoughts and best wishes. I hope to see you from a stage sometime soon. Take care. Gary


Remember...no matter where you are, no matter how big the crowd, most people in the world aren't anywhere near you. g