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2-25-12 ON FIRE!!

TNW just plain old ROCKED THE ROOF off of Cicero's. Thanks to all who joined us in celebration of the rock & roll fantasy and manifesting it into reality!

On Track

TNW spent last Sunday putting down scratch tracks for four songs....The newest single, Thats Not Me, the showstopper 8 States and two remakes of the original demos of Snack and the one that started the wheels in motion, Spot.


With no shows currently booked, TNW heads to the studio to track their show-stopper "8States"

Newest Tune

TNW is close to completeing their newest song.....Holy Temptress. Available on Revernation.

TNW ROCKS The Pageant in StL

The Nova Wild electrified a large crowd on Friday 12-10-2010 at The Pageant in St. Louis Mo. Thank to those who joined us and the great bands that played with us. Fla$h drank a case of beer!

TNW Update

The Cicero's show was a smash! All three bands were compelling and made a statement that ROCK is indeed BACK in StL. Now it's on to rehearse for an even bigger event for The Nova Wild.....THE PAGEANT! Dec. 10th, Friday. Doors @ 7:00pm. Show @ 8:00pm. The Nova Wild @ 9:00pm. Get free tickets online at ticketmaster new music spotlight.


The Nova Wild is furiously rehearsing this weekend for their debut on Sunday night at Cicero's. A leaked report has the set as "short but sweet" and likely full of Rock & Roll bravado! A couple of resurfaced tunes from Flash and Hots' past lives together are set to emerge along with a cover of St. Louis rock ambassadors Starnineteen's "Naked". 8States Away and Snack should no doubt dominate the debut, headlineing set. The world need not wait much longer.

Reddy 4 U

Today, 9-17-10, Oldani will be presenting a rough demo to the Commander-in-Chief Dr. Hunter of the latest NW tune Reddy 4 U! Exciting stuff. The demo was tracked in an attic studio in Maplewood, MO with a distinct, tie-dyed vibe. The tune features some fine B3 Organ playing by recording engineer Joe Sherrell and NW debut drumming from Oldani. Hippies REJOICE! A new cult classic has will be unveiled tonight and very soon for you on REVERBNATION!!

A New Chapter

Today 9-9-10, Manager Thrax Jackson has decided to open the window of the cyber world to spread the sound of The Nova Wild through the wonder that is REVERBNATION. Talks were in works earlier today with a new studio about production of traditional A & B side singles. Vocalist Oldani told Rolling Stone that the songs in works are "Ready 4 You" and "Toes in the Sand Head in the Clouds".