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Summer time and living is easy....

As summer approaches, we are busy working on a live album, a music video and much much more. With the current addition of our band artist, Dolan Forcier, we are now focused on producing a live show that is equally exciting and intriguing as our music. Keep in touch for the set theory experience.

New beginnings

Set theory's management team is hard at work seeking out opportunities for Set theory to continue its grass roots approach to spreading their music. Not a fan of big labels, loosing artistic creativity, ownership issues and industry politics Set theory has stayed committed to remaining independent and in total control of their music. With the recent move to join Studio 8 Records (http://www.reverbnation.com/label/studio8recordsnetherlands) and Turmoil Music (http://turmoilmusic.com/) have allowed the group new opportunities in promotion and global distribution while remaining 100% independent and in control of their own destiny and music. Additionally Set theory has recently linked up with the extremely talented artist Dolan Forcier to start work on music video's, art work and live show's. With a steady hand, an abundance of creativity, an eye for colors and a love for music, Dolan not only will add the needed artistic focus needed to promote and brand, he also brings a fresh urban feel and texture to the groups image. Set theory is beyond honored and very excited at the opportunity to work with such a gifted artists. Having worked with Satori, members of RX bandits, Challenger and other indie bands, his art work adds immediate value to any groups image.