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So much happening!

I thought I would drop you all a little update on what we have going on right now in the land of SYN{A}PSE. We are currently in the second round of the Soprano’s Battle of the Band’s Competition presented by Absolute Underground. We will be performing for the competition on Sunday May 27th at Soprano’s. The bands start around 4pm so if you are free this Sunday afternoon in Victoria please feel free to join us for a little bit and listen to the tunes, we may even have a surprise song in store for this show :)

Secondly we have submitted to the Fox Seeds competition this year. Fan votes are open now and will close on June 10th. If you would like to see us compete in this years competition please take 2 minutes of your time, log in and send a vote our way. You are allowed up to one vote per day, every little bit helps… Vote here! Stay tuned to The Fox 99.3 radio station (Vancouver) for the top 20 selected bands next month.

We are also planning a handful of shows around BC over the summer months, so stay tuned for different tour dates! There is a bunch of new song ideas in the works too. That’s a quick update with us, feel free to facebook or tweet us to let us know what’s going on with you.


Jacob (SYN{A}PSE)


03/30/12 Hey everyone lot's has been going on in camp SYN{A}PSE over the past few months. We are honoured to be nominated as one of Victoria's favourite Hardcore/Punk/Metal bands for Monday Magazine's10th annual M Power Awards! Pick up a copy of the magazine and vote for your favourite artist(s).

We are also happy to be selected as part of the Willful Wrecords sampler album of 2012. They are a great company from Virginia, check em' out! The pre order is available online NOW!

We put up a little video from our last show on St. Patty's day up in Nanaimo, BC and we are super excited to be back playing live in Victoria on April 13th. Joining us on the bill is some amazing talent found in The Body Politic, Atlas Collapses and The Harbour Sound. This bill is packed so make sure you make it out early! - April 13th - The Cambie (Esquimalt) $10. Doors at 9pm (No Minors) Facebook Event

Hope to see you out at the show :)

Bass Player Search

We are holding auditions for a new bass player. We hope to find someone with as much commitment and drive as we possess and who will take their role seriously. We are ideally looking for someone between the ages of 19 and 35 and dedicate time to going across province and country, and who loves to perform. Ability to do backup vocals is an asset.

We will be auditioning the song “Monuments” which can be heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyPiO2mOVC8

For more information please contact us at soundofsynapse@gmail.com, or by phone:

Jacob Redlin: 250-208-6634 Noah Edwards: 250-588-3620 Justin D. Lee: 250-857-7249

EP. Merch, Tour!

Updates! Hey everyone!

its been a hectic few months but everything is coming together!

We just played 2 all ages EP release shows in Victoria and Nanaimo with none other than the legendary Ninjaspy, and a tonne of other kick ass bands (The Perfect Trend, The Body Politic, On Call Heroes, and The Kick off to name a few). Both shows were UNREAL and we seem to have made good impressions on a bunch of new fans so we’re really happy about that!

We’ve release ALL of the songs for streaming and purchase on our bandcamp page:


Thursday August 25th is our last show in Victoria for a little while before we hit the road on our first ever TOUR! We’re all very excited to take our music out there and show many more new people what we’ve been working so hard on!

For all of the show dates please check out (and ‘like’) our facebook page:


They’re also in the Show Dates section of our page! Stoked to get out there and play! Cheers for now,


What's been going on!


It’s been awhile since we’ve typed an update for you so here we go!

We are still busily working on the album believe it or not, we’re waiting for mixes to come back and finally you’ll be bale to hear what we’ve been working so hard on!

We’re planning on entering CBC’s Cover Me Canada Contest (http://covermeauditions.cbc.ca/) and we’ve chosen Black Velvet as our cover! We need to have it uploaded to their website by July 8th so we should have something to post to you by then :)

We’re also booking shows for our BC and Alberta tour coming up in September 2011 and hoping to cap the whole thing off at Rifflandia, so many many plans are being made, just hoping some of them come into fluition!

If anyone has any contacts for the Okanogan, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethrbidge, Medicine Hat, or anywhere in BC and Alberta PLEASE give us a shout at soundofsynapse@gmail.com and we will love you forever!!

Don’t forget to check us out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/soundofsynapse, and twitter at http://www.twitter.com/soundofsynapse.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world!



Recording Wrap Up!

Hey sorry we've been slacking on the blog entries!

I hope some of you caught us on Ustream live from Vogville studios last week! Its hard to believe 2 weeks has gone by as we've been inside the cave that is the studio. The good news is that tomorrow (may 3rd) is the last day of vocals, and we will officially done the recording stage of the EP!!

There's still a period where we will be helping with the mixes of the songs, and revising the recordings, but we're very stoked to get this far and we've learned a lot in the process. Head to our band camp for the next couple days and download a copy of our old album Auditory Complex for FREE!


We have some shows coming up too which we are very excited about!

Saturday May 14th at Joes Apartment in Vancouver with Bullets Over Beauty and Secret Revolution! This is an early one going from 8 pm to 11pm so be sure you come watch the show and grab a few beers if you're in vancouver! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=121602657916312

next up is Nanaimo, "In The Lymelight" Benefit Concert with Two Years and Counting and A Murder of Crows, more details to be announced soon! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=152404828160636

We have more announcements on the way too later in the summer so be sure to keep coming back to the website! We'll keep posting update vids from the studio as well to tide you over until we get the music back and ready for your listening pleasure!

All the best,


Day 3 - Recording

We're 25 hours into the new EP and things are going well! Jacob has been tracking drums like a mad man for the past 2 days, and today is the last day before we tear down the drum room and start setting up the bass gear.

Don't forget to check in on the Studio LIVE! Tab at the top of the page and watch in on ustream for our antics

Matt Roach and Joel Livesey are a pleasure to work with and we've been absolutely tearing through this EP. We cant wait to get these sounds out there for you guys to hear! I've been dutifully learning Imovie and getting a video update online documenting some of our shennanigans...



Updates Updates Updates!

Hey everyone!

Exciting times in Camp SYN{A}PSE, we're coming to you from Vogville studios in Vancouver B.C. all geared up to record the next EP.

We'll be broadcasting intermittently from the studio so you can check in on what we're working on:


We'll also be doing some video updates and for the time we're in the studio only (until May 3rd) our album Auditory Complex is available for FREE on Bandcamp so make sure you go snipe that if you dont have those tracks on your ipod yet!


Cheers and we hope you guys like the new sounds!


New to Reverbnation!

Hey y'all,

For those of you visiting us for the first time, we are SYN{A}PSE, an alternative rock band from Victoria B.C. We love making music and put everything we have into it so I hope you enjoy.

We are currently enjoying a month as 91.3 The Zone's Band of the Month, and have been getting fairly regular air play!

In the wake of our Debut independently released album Auditory Complex, we're working on new songs to record another EP in the next few months.

Feel free to give us feedback and join our mailing list!


- Noah