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Taking 2011 By Storm

As you well know, our EP "In the Dark" is finally complete and available digitally across many online retailers. This is just the first step for us and we look forward to many other great opportunities in 2011.

We will be playing shows in 2011 as soon as we can. Killing Faith merchandise will be coming soon along with physical pressed copies of the "In the Dark" EP. We will also be sending our material to labels and radio stations so get ready for that as well.

Also, our drummer Phil has just received a mid-level endorsement deal with TRX cymbals. We are very proud of this accomplishment and Phil looks forward to using TRX cymbals on the road!

Keep checking back, tell your friends and family about us and send them to the facebook page and add us as a fan!

We also have a myspace setup for people to see.


Things are coming together guys. We are very proud of where we have gotten since we formed in January. Look for us LIVE in 2011! If you have a city and venue you would like us to play at, please drop us a message on facebook and let us know!

-Killing Faith

It's All Coming Together...

Hey guys!

Well, our first EP is ALMOST done. We are putting the final touches on all of the tracks and we should be rolling that out in the very near future. We do have a full song up on the site, "Running Away", for you to listen to. Let us know what you think about it!

We should have some purchasable tracks on iTunes and other similar sites in the near future as well.

We don't have any show dates as of yet, but we expect to be playing shows before the end of the year. so keep a lookout for that.

Hang in there, everything is starting to come together...

-Killing Faith

Latest - Killing Faith

What's up everyone?

Saturday we had our first photo shoot, which was amazing! Got some shots in downtown Kalamazoo and some nice ones in an old abandoned house. Still not sure how the house didn't cave in while we were inside. The sideways staircase and the piles and piles of - hopefully mostly - animal feces made it all the more interesting. The photos should be up in the near future!

Practicing is going very well. Nothing like being deaf and smelling like death after a long day of practice. Can't wait to melt some serious face when our first show comes around.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw out an update on what Killing Faith is up to. Check you all later and keep up the love and support!

- Phil Killing Faith