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Lawrence & Diane Single Release!

From time and time again I often ask myself if I've been leading a life that would make my parents proud. Your parents raise to be a certain type a person and most of us do our best to live up to that potential they saw in us. Well, I can't say I've lived the perfect life. I can't say that everything I've done has been peaches and cream. What I can say is that I did something to thank my parents for everything they have done for me in a way I know best; music.

Most of you know the story of our upcoming EP, Lawrence & Diane. The EP is a dedication to my (Daniel Kearsey's) parent's. The loss of my dad in 2009 was of course an event in my life I'll never forget and stroke of my mom still affects all of us to this day. They did everything for me. And even though I may not have been the perfect son all the time growing up, I still hold dear to my heart everything they have done for me. This EP is a dedication to them.

The single, Lawrence & Diane is finally set to release. October 21 would have been my dad's 71st birthday. I saw no better way to wish him a happy birthday than by releasing our first single off the EP that day.

I hope you are all as excited as I am to share this with you!

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To all our friends, family and new friends to come!

Most of you know the story of Lawrence & Diane Kearsey. A police officer and library clerk. A father, a mother and friend to all. They met in the early 1970's and three months after dating would become engaged. After 35 years of marriage, Lawrence would pass after suffering from cancer and two years later, Diane would suffer a large stroke one month before her son Daniels wedding and now resides in a special care facility.

This album is a dedication to them. Help us make this reality. The album has songs of pain and songs of love and because none of them would want us worrying over them, songs to get up and dance to as well!

We'll be working at Just a Dream in Akron, OH with some fantastic engineers to record an album that really captures the raw sound of our performances and the vision we have in our heads. Being an unsigned, independent band, the funds raised by Kickstarter will really help us reach our goal and bring this heart felt album into the hands of you; our favorite fans!

Much Love, Daniel, Massimo and TJ