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CD Release Party!!!!

Roger Boggs ... The Best of So Far! will be released next week!


Many thanks to all who visit my page, listen to my music and share very kind words in your emails and comments! I am deeply grateful for your support and friendship! Have an awesome day! "ROG ON"

Roger Boggs - Live at JamFest

Roger Boggs - Live at JamFest 2016 in Phoenix Arizona - Tunes are now streaming - "Right Here - Right Now"

Roger Boggs Music

I was just looking through my songs from last year...... I might have enough stuff for Roger Boggs "Album of The Year - #2 & #3"

New Songs coming soon

I will be recording a couple of new songs tomorrow at Vision Music Group studios here in Phoenix Arizona..... My new song "Big Daddy Pain".... Coming soon to a download near you.....

What do you guys think of my music? - Roger Alan Boggs

Im an Folk-Rock-Country artist and just started to do my own music. Im just looking for the average listener opinion on what I do. Nothing too fancy, just how it hit you and if you believe music like this will appeal to the masses.... The First song is an orginal "Life was Easy" about my childhood, catchy rocking song... There are some covers you have heard and some you have never heard... You decide... See me on Facebook.... http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000751354769 Appreciate it guys :) Roger Alan Boggs