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Reficul Podcasts

That is right, in the Fall of 2011 Reficul will release there first of many podcast episodes,

presented by: Emperor Balrog & Lord Maduce

will be discussing many topics including the status and production of Reficul, our personal views on life and its many virtues and just talking B*ll$#!T

so keep a look out and stay tuned for more updates on the release of the first episode.

"Luciferian WAR" Release date to be pushed back

Unfortunately Reficul is left with no choice but to reschedule our release date for a 2 week delay to finalize our legal obligations to this album.

We have been working hard to complete this album by 10/31/10 but it seems that we will have to move it back 2 weeks and get everything finalized. We are currently in the process of finishing vocals and prepping to mix this album to perfection.

Following the release of our new album "Luciferian WAR" we will be announcing our 40 day tour of the US and Canada, we look forward to seeing you all at our shows and will have plenty of free goodies and merchandise for you all.

Look forward to Reficul podcasts and a Reficul iPhone App.

keep it grim,