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We released an album on poetrymotion.bandcamp.com It's FREE so go download it and enjoy!

The truth about us..

The truth about us is that.....were just a bunch of potheads who like to make music. plain and simple, no more no less. we are the people behind the music, and every track we post on our reverb is either produced by us, or us personally speaking the truth over someone elses beat. we dont charge money for the music we make because we love it. So if anyone actually reads these stupid blogs, and you havent heard Poetry in Motion yet, i suggest you do so. And if u have listened to some of our tracks, let us know what ur feeling positive or negative all feedback is appreciated. Listen to our beats we have composed, and if your an artist as well lets work together. destiny awaits

Hello Earthlings

Well it's now 2011. Happy New Year Everybody!

We'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to listen to our music, even if it's just one song, any support is good support!

Stay tuned, we have a lot of new stuff coming soon, cheers! -Poetry In Motion


We are new to reverbnation, show us some love