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Happy New Year!!

Howlers Coyote Café was a blast thanks to everyone who came and filled the place up, also thanks to those who bought a CD were happy to provide you all with music that you enjoy. Also shout out to Jeremy Caywood and the way of life, Don't Trust Larry and Aurora for making it a fun night.

Check out our promotional video!

Bored with the same old Rock N Roll? No Exception is the cure! Combining influences as diverse as folk rock, prog rock, metal, jam bands, and alternative, No Exception is bringing something new and different to the rock scene. Check out our animated album trailer for a brief sampling of some of our tunes! Like it? Like us on Facebook and pass it on! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfS55iq4UEU

Places other than here you could find us!

Hey guys whats up! Our CD release was a great event! Glad everybody showed up and had a good time. Our music isnt just here on reverbnation we are also at www.myspace.com/noexceptionband also you can here songs from our website www.wearenoexception.com

New Member in the band!

Hey everybody we got a lot in store for you we got our first cd available from us now. We got new material were working on for our second album already and were happy to welcome our new bassist Justin Avi to No Exception. We will be working hard and providing you with great music and we are working on booking some more show dates. Keep listening and we will keep providing. Peace guys.