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Thank You

Just a quick a note to say Thank You..For your support, all your words of encouragement, and your love and good vibes towards my music and myself. And to wish you a very happy Christmas. And may the New Year will be Your Year. Many blessings and Good Vibes. The Saint.

New Song Echoes Of Light

Ok by now you might think "This guy is all over the place!!". That may be true but hey.. what can I say. I love to make music that inspires me. And this is no exception. Echoes of Light is my 1st attempt into the realm of Soundtrack/Classical Music. The interest of composing this kind of music comes from the time I made Gears Keep Turning. The gears song is an adaptation from the main theme song of a video game called Gears Of War 3. The song and the rest of the game's soundtrack was composed by Steve Jablonsky which is one of the most requested composers in Hollywood. He's also known as the composer for the 1st 3 Transformers movies and also composed soundtracks for TV Series like Desperate Housewives. So I started to listen to more and more of Jablonsky's work and one day I said to myself " If I can make a metal version of a classical/soundtrack song, what stops me from trying to make my own classical/soundtrack stuff??". That's also where the song String Theory comes from. I used that song as an entry for a contest run by another of the big Hollywood composers, Hans Zimmer.The main prize was to get a job as a writer/composer for Mr Zimmer's production team. I didn't win but that contest gave me the proof that I could make music in that genre. So here it is. Bear in mind this is my 1st ever full classical/soundtrack song I've ever made. So any constructive feedback would be much appreciated. I hope you'll enjoy to listen to this song as much as I enjoyed making it. Many Blessings and Good Vibrations. The Saint.

No More Facebook

Throughout these past few weeks, I've been able to connect with a lot of amazing vocalists, instrumentalists,composers and songwriters that are part of this great network called ReverbNation. As a standard procedure we have established a common support method of sharing each other's Twitter, Youtube and Facebook pages so we can connect a little bit more and establish a more solid support base for us independent artists. The Facebook support method is by hitting the "Like" button on each other pages. Some of you have asked me to like your page with my personal account due to the fact that Facebook doesn't count likes from artist pages. I wasn't aware of this until now. To me this policy is another way of censorship and a way to force us to buy their promotional packages and I'm not willing to comply to that policy because I don't wanna merge both my personal and artist pages just to get a like. My personal page is just that. Personal. It's the page that I connect with family and friends. And I'm the kind of person who treasures his privacy. So I had no choice but to delete my Facebook artist page because again, I'm not willing to comply to Facebook's artist censorship policy. So from now on please, do not ask me for a Facebook Like. Believe me, it was a hard decision but i gotta stand for what I believe in. I'm totally committed to continue my support to you, my fellow independent artists through any other channel of social media that is available out there. But to me Facebook is no longer an option.My deepest and sincere thanks to all of you who showed your support towards yours truly by liking my Facebook's artist page using your personal accounts. And I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause to you. I hope you understand where I'm coming from on this issue. As always I wish you many blessings and good vibrations. The Saint.

New Licensing Agreement

I'm very proud to announce that FME Music, the music licensing division of Flight & Media Enterprises UK and yours truly have reached a #Licensing agreement for my song Cartoon Nightmare.The song will now be part of FME Music's licensing catalog for use in TV shows and commercials, movies, radio and internet radio shows and/or podcasts, as well as web tv shows including shows broadcasted in Youtube, Vimeo and other services. Check out FME Music's homepage at http://www.fmemusic.co.uk/ . Looking forward to work with the FME family and to create a prosperous partnership.

Indaba Music Contest

I submitted one of my new songs to this contest on Indaba Music.The winner will have his/her track reviewed and considered for licensing by many industry officials.

This song is unreleased btw. It's gonna be part of my Upcoming EP "The Quantum Awakening" available May 28th, 2013. Song is called Crime vs Human Error. The song is one of those that you could hear on a sci-fi,super hero,mistery,drama type of movie.

It has an Industrial sound mixed with a string section and Choir. Very intense feel. If you like what you hear and agree with my description go to this link http://indaba.us/b4YF and vote for my song. 1 vote= 1,000 thanks from your truly. Again here's the link. http://indaba.us/b4YF Thank You in advance and many blessings

The Saint.

New Youtube Video!!

So at last,after many knobs turns and tweaks,after many computer freezes,second thoughts,new ideas.press enter,press delete (you get the idea). Finally My new Ep "The Quantum Awakening" is complete. It contains 4 very distinctive tracks that in my opinion summarize all of the music I've been influenced by. This is the 1st track of The EP called "Atomic Outercourse". It's basically a Dubstep track but with a different approach. I wanted it to sound more like a live band rather than one man DJ. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the process of creating the song. Here's the youtube link. http://youtu.be/C3zyr-Ynuls

As always Many blessings and good vibrations: The Saint.


After many lessons learned on this musical journey of self production,recording,mixing,mastering and the most gruesome of all, Public Relations and Marketing (I get tired just for typing or saying those words), My new Ep Inverter will be available on Itunes this week!!!!.. Then on Amazon and Amazon mp3.com, Zune Marketplace, Napster,Rhapsody,Emusic,Nokia, IHeart Radio, Vervelife, Myspace Music and Medianet.

But when I look back it was all worth it. They say knowledge is power. And now I feel more powerful than i felt 6 months ago. So the next project (Because just so you know I'm already working on a new one) the process will flow like a breeze. Not that I'm not looking forward to learn a few new tips and tricks along the way but, with the things i know now about the whole process will take less time with more room to put more effort and create better music along the way.

Lessons learned+effort+commitment = Success

That's the equation

New Ep..did I say LP Before??

Well...It seems that my plans to release a full length album had a little change of course. I already had 9 songs but when the mixing process came in, they were 3 songs that didn't live up to my expectations. They just didn't sound the way I wanted to sound. So eventually those 3 songs didn't make the cut. But those 3 songs taught me a lot....and i mean a lot about what to do and what not to do when you try to mix a song. It's not an easy task. So that's the positive outcome of those 3 pesky tunes. Same learning process came when the mastering process began. So that's why this LP ended up being an EP.

But I am a truly believer of the sentence "Everything happens for a reason" and the making of this new EP is a true testament of that statement. 6 songs that i'm very proud of. They sound the way I wanted them to sound, so I hope when you listen to them, you like and enjoy the way i like to do things when it comes to make music. Still learning though, and there's much more room to be better. But It feels so good when you feel that you have improved a step further from your first experience..whatever your experience is. In my case, making a collection of pieces of music and put them together in one place. I hope you enjoy my 1st single "Insanity We Trust" and stay tuned.. There's more music from The Realm of The Echo on it's way.

Working on new songs

I'm working on 2 new songs that will be part of my 1st complete album,which I intend to release at the beginning of 2011. One of the song is completed and the other is in the process of mixing and mastering.Stay tuned for more info on the new album as well as an exclusive ReverbNation preview song.