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Pariah's Revolt would like to welcome Shane Hanson to the fold, bringing him in to pound the drums, and bring the beat to your faceholes! This guy can seriously kick some ass, Pariahs, so just you wait...It's gonna be fricken EPIC!

Join The Revolt!

Well folks, welcome to 2013, or as I like to call it, The year of The Revolt! Why do I call it that, do you ask? I'm glad you asked, little buddy! Lemmie tell ya! 2013 is already starting off to be a banner year for Pariah's Revolt. We sold out of our first printing of our EP "Break The Chains" and we are hard at work putting together our new CD, "Join The Revolt!" That CD WILL drop in 2013. Count on THAT. In addition to that, we are working diligently on a music video to accompany that CD release, for a little song we like to call Body Beneath. Boom! Major drop #2. And, on top of THAT, as if that ain't enough to get your knees weak and give you cause for a change of underoos, we are working on some excellent new Pariah Gear swag for you all, so you can proudly show that you've joined the revolt good and proper! 2013 is our year, people. Make no mistake. We are the voice of the 99%, the voice of the downtrodden masses. The voice of the Vast majority, treated like a minority. Our voice will be heard in 2013. Believe! Join The Revolt!


Epic CD Release Party!

Boys and girls, Pariah's one and all...the big day approachs. September 24, at the 4th Ave Tavern, join Pariah's Revolt with our friends Psylem and Tatarus as we drop our new EP, "Break The Chains". We are proud of this work, and very much can't wait to unleash it upon you all. To that end, listen to 96.9 dmc The Sound at 6:15pm on the night of the show, and get an earful of the new tracks, and an interview the Pariah's laid down. Rock on, Rock out! Join the Revolt!

The Revolt

Welcome to the new age of Pariah's Revolt. We are back, in full force, ready to rock your faces off. Our lyrics are driving testaments to people rising up and breaking free of the shackles that bind us. Join the revolt, become a Pariah, and rock with us.