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Two Souls

Hello much appreciated fans!! Just wanted to send out a message telling you all that I just finished writing a new song called "Two Souls". I posted a video with not very good quality but I should be recording/rerecording all of my songs so that they will be alot clearer. Also if you happen to be in Winston Oregon on the 5th of May we hope to see you all at our next show at The Man Cave. for more details see our band schedule. Thanks again and I hope to see you all there!! -Steve from Christalized

New Song!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys I just wrote a new song its hot off the press! Its called "Jesus Java". Its a sing along and I can't wait to record it for you all to here. So you can sing it at our next show, when ever that maybe. When I know you'll know. Anyway thanks for reading my blog!!

New songs in the making!

Hi all! Im currently in the making of two new songs. -Choo Choo Trains and Juice Boxes -The Silence

Ive also got ideas for some other songs that i have not began writing yet. I'm writing souly by inspiration, so please everyone be very patient with me.

Thanks for reading my blog! Come Again! God Bless!!! -Christalized