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Message to all fans or new fans! Read This is important!

I will fan everyone who fans me, I also fan people. If you fan me, or fan me back I will like you on FaceBook if you have one, and follow you on twitter if you have one. I'm the guy who'll fan you back. So follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and fan me cause there's 100%(percent) chance you'll get the favor returned! I Guarantee It!!!! And all of my current fans i will follow and like you on facebook, just give me some time -2-9 days! Or follow and like me it'll make my job easier! Thank You, have a nice day.

Working on a new song!

Got a Guitar track wriiten down, But'll redo it better, when the drums are programed, And starting to do the drums! Don't know what to name it, If you leave a comment, or send me a message with a name idea, or what the song could be about. There's a 100% chance you'll message back of what i think! It's a song that sounds like tooth and nail dokken! Up beat but not to heavy


Jackson Pro Dk-2m Black maple neck Satin gold hardware Neck= Dimarzio Super distortion Bridge =- Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon! Pedals= Starting Out -Boss DS-1

Song Cover's That Will Come Out In 2012-2013

Dokken- Alone again, Into the Fire, Heaven Sent, Maddest Hatter, Breaking The Chains, It's not love, Jaded heart, Burning Empire(NEW ALBUM)In my dreams (Greatest hit 2010) acoustic-Alone again, In my dreams, Into the fire! Dio- Holy Diver Scorpions - No one like you, Rock you like a hurricane, The Game of Life, Send me a Angel