Were Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

were back and with a fucking vengeance. please welcome our new drummer Danny into the band and get ready to get rocked the fuck out like never before.

Its almost time for our return

were real close to getting ready to get back out on the scene. plus we have a few new songs and a couple more in the works. stay tuned

Things are looking up,,,,,i think ????

things are looking up for us, we have a few new songs in the works and more. stay tuned and thank you to all that have helped us look for a drummer. you guys ROCK !!!!

sept. 17th

Hi everyone!! Welcome to the realm of MATREKIS. We are playing STATION 4 in St. Paul Sept. 17th $10 tix just from us. We are playing for a national recording exec. help us out and support the local music scene