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'There's no use followin' each other 'round downtown simply by the stickers on the backs of our automobiles.

And there's no easy formula for the gross tragedies in our hearts and in our minds, or humor in the bad clothes that we all wear...'

I think my freshly non-caffeinated ass will finish this one today.


We just might be witnessing the death (or at least demise) of stadium concerts. While I've nothing against such tours, I hope it actually means the continuing rise in smaller shows.

Gimme a roadhouse or a dive bar any time!

And thanks to everyone who requested the secret song.

Hope you enjoy it!



Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement!

I still have the free secret song available for those that email me either here, or at askew437@gmail.com

I really think you'll get a kick out of it!


Ghost of Gaugin

For those of you interested, I have a freebie available to the first 31 people that email me at : askew437@gmail.com You just might get a kick out of it. (Wow, and then it comes up on my iTunes right when I finish typing this! There are no coincidences.) C.X.C.

Gasoline and a Match

Wants to burn the frickin' barn down! All the way down!


A bit under the weather, but just pluggin' along. Hell, maybe I'll get to laying the vocals for the Rousseau/Claymore cut, 'Korinna' after I get back from the doc. Yeah, that's Benn Rousseau from This Is Indian Land. I'm proud to call him my friend. ;)

Mescaline Reprise

I'm tryin' out my brand new Squire Strat on some lead lines right now. Should have a rough mix in a 1/2 half hour or so. It's kinda weird because the main song is mixed and the individual tracks are miles away, so this will be a very rough mix today.

New Song

Dawn of the New Age (demo). I've really been enjoying demo-ing these songs over the past couple of weeks. I now have around 30 pieces to work to choose from for American Fado II: Lese Mageste. Plus, I'm gathering covers for the third album to be called Ghost of Gaugin. It'll be my 'Pinups' record. So far, I've finished recirding one, Doll Parts, but will be working on the copyright situation before any releases...