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2016 Fan Connection Interview

Here's an interview we did a few weeks back with The Fan Connection. Some real hard hitting issues in this interview. We tackle Jay's deep rooted need for a face tattoo, Josh's future career goals, Daniel's living conditions, and Tim's inner struggles to just want to dance!


Great Year

As this year winds down we would just like to extend a really special thank you to all of our fans. It has been a great year with alot of good things coming up. We will be hard at work on our debut studio album Folkn'Blues, we have tons of shows coming up, and we have been talking to a few record labels. None of this would have been possible without you guys. So thanks so much again and keep checking in. If you haven't liked our Facebook yet go check it out at www.Facebook.com/TheDjangoRiders and be sure to check out the updated website and mobile app. www.TheDjangoRiders.com. Much love to all you guys

Going To The Studio

In just a few short weeks we are gonna hit the studio. Looking forward to finally bringing you guys some top quality recordings. Till then screw around on our facebook go to...