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Acca Thera Praise!

"Acca Thera Praise Music" (translated into A'cappella Therapeutic Praise Music) uniquely created by A'cappella singing artist Dorian Paul Williams of Houston, Texas. Guaranteed relatable to most everybody.

This music talks about day-to-day living. The times when you are so happy you could just sing a song. Then there are those days that are just plain rough. Dorian just tells like it is in song.

With a background from Church to R&B then back to Church, he has experienced it all and that is what he sings about. Check out every single track and see if you can't relate on some level, if nothing else just being Human in this world working to make a wonderful life.

If you like what you hear, tell a friend, you will be doing them a favor.

God Bless you all! vSankey SelahPromotions.