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I appeared at Wine Seller in Morro bay and did have a great time. I saw familiar friends and new ones too! The new location for the artists is way better than down in the lounge and the bar is better where it is now This place portends great things Catch me every fourth Friday here!

Music in my teens

I was shot into young adulthood thru the cannon of Woodstock, Motown, the Beatles, Dylan, stones, Zep, Allmans, and landing in the fields of BeBop and swing. I devoured every book on Jazz and biography I could get my hands on. Tracing the guitar from Benson back to Charlie Christian and the trumpet and clarinet players of the 20's and 30's. I slipped into Bachs Brandenburg concertos and started hanging out at the Lincoln center library where I read every lyric collection from field hollers to Tin Pan Alley. I was raised in a Puerto Rican neighborhood where I was immersed in the Fania Allstars music and learned Congas. My clarinet teacher started the St Luke's Chamber Orchestra. All this to say I was cross trained. Hard core. And that is why I cannot tell you what style of music I play. It's a mash up

Hands Of Time

Super stoked about the New Video for Hands Of Time. Check it out on Youtube/ and iTunes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQfKXP3Keh8

Loving Jeff Beck, Warren Haynes, Derrick Trucks and Susan Tedeschi!

great music all over this Land. Rejoice.

Music Matters

Yes indeed. Music changed my life for good at 17