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Here we go...

So, what can I say that won't sound cheezily entertaining and mildly cliche? I'm honestly not sure. I'm writing this first blog for a variety of reasons, mainly that I feel as if some sort of update should be given to everyone. Here are the main points:

Our EP, 'The Quake' is set to be released in the near future (within a month for damn sure. We will finalize a date soon) Shirts, stickers, and various other items will soon be available for purchase and all that jazz.

Among this 'news,' we'd like to include that we are being featured in the independent film, 'Forever, Never' directed by our good pal, Joe Brittain. More information can be found at ForeverNeverMovie.com

We wish to welcome you to the now-winding adventure of what is Feivel. Enjoy the ride.

- Mitch