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March 12th 2011 - "The Real LaRosa Mixtape"

Waddup Doe... nuttin but positive feedback from the mixtape. I wanna take the time out to thank those who are supporting me and the entire STAR GANG movement!! Stay tuned.. gotta lot of great ideas... wit more drive then a lil bit .. haha don't mean to be short jus a hell of a lot to do !! hit me up ... PYEUME

January 20th, 2011 -- Great Way To Start The Year

Waddup Doe, Yah i know that i been gone for a minute and i apologize to those who been followin the blogz and the music .. but as you can see i def been makin a lot of progress in my career !! I been traveling back and forth negotiating with a production label "GaurdFather" up in New York .. My first 6 months of this year are booked and the next 6 are sure to get filled faster than my joint roller hahahaa !! But im back on it doe so make sure yall check out my first official music video starring the infamous Blanche Monroe (@BlancheMonroe) -- directed by the infamous IamSwitzerlan (@IamSwitzerlan) here --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvKmuhp8H-8 Let me kno what you think ...

October 26, 2010 -- Pyeumin !!

As You May Have Heard... I Jus released a new mixtape Scorpio Season !! You Can Find The Music Here Or Download It At | http://t.co/8QEZuWW via @DatPiffMixtapes!!

Thats It For Now !! Hit Me Up and let me know what you think about the mixtape !!

September 20, 2010 -- Back Like I Left My Car Keyz

Waddup doe ?? Im High !! Hope You Are !! --Apologize for the disappearin' act been writin a hell of a lot of music but its time that I took the time out for those showin me love and gave yall the low downs on the new releases... October 1, 2010 Release of "Total Ecstasy" Ft J-Row October 8, 2010 Release of "Im The One" Ft Don Coda October 25, 2010 "Scorpio Season" The Mixtape Release Date --So Thats the lowdown for the next few weeks... and more updates comin soon...

September 20, 2010 -- Awww Shit Here It Goes

What up wit yall... its gettin to a point now were a lot of shit is jus gettin frustratin... People are startin to say im soundin like other people, switch my swag up ... -- WAIT WHAT!!! Switch my swag up ... you can like my nutz on that ... im FOREVER HOOD!!! im FOREVER STONED!!! ill FOREVER LOVE WOMEN!!! and im FOREVER STONED!!! lol -- such a stoner had to say that twice haha !! But yea man ... im not gonna switch the swag... but ima jus approach the entire music thing from a different aspect.. so stay tuned ... lots of new music coming soon ...

September 13, 2010 -- Comin Up In The World

As most of yall are takin notice.. im grindin workin workin hard. For those who didn't know, My reverb isn't a week old yet.. and im already #11 on the Pop Charts in Pittsburgh !! Major Record Labels are shoppin my music ... quite a few of them -- not to beat my own drum ... but im jus waitin my options out. Once again I wanna thank those who are supportin' me and the whole S.T.A.R. GANG ENT movement... Jus wait until we get our model team up and runnin' OMG!!! hahaha

September 12, 2010 -- Graveyard Shift

Waddup yall .. .appreciate yall checkin it to see whats goin on wit me ... but you know you know ... im high ... chillin haha... but anywayz... Tonight was a good night ... its 2:13AM gotta cut it early --Manager says so.. but all night i was jus out and about walkin around spittin freestyles for random groups of college students... so many of of them took down my name and are gonna look me up .. SHOUT OUT TO ANY OF YOU THAT ARE READING THIS ... Im jus thinkin to myself and im like damn .. people are really feelin me ... its crazy how i really turned Nuttin ito sumthin... Just wanted to take the time out to say thanks... Thats about it for now ... so stay tuned .. and stay high !!!

September 10 2010 -- High Thoughts #1

Waddup yall .. its me again... sittin here on this laptop tweetin, smokin, and thinkin of my next move wit this music .. I wanna write some music so bad ... but im to STONED to get up and put a beat on (Freeway voice) haha .. Naw im jus playin you know im workin ... jus had to take the time out to let yall know that im high, workin hard for yall ... And umm Shout Out To My Personal Manager Sara ( @Sarliz88 follow her on twitter) who got me higher than you ever been ... and still rollin up !!! --Im So 412 haha P.S. -Smoke Suttin-

September 10, 2010 -- Preparin' For Takeoff 3.. 2.. 1....

What it iz ... this ya boy Phresh LaRosa comin to yall live. Today I was thinkin to myself lik, how can I reach out to the hip hop headz, and get personal. So its almost like we and personal friends. Thats the difference between me and most artist. Im not gonna sit around and act like im better than the next man.... cause im not!! Thatz corny.. haha anywayz so im smokin, and thinkin, still smokin.... went blank for a minute ---------- then it hit me .... I can make a blog on one of my websitez where yall can also check out the music and rock out while yall get the personal updatez wit me . Ima Keep it raw. Say how i feel about every situation that i face. No matter what the deal is ... yall will know whats goin on.. as of now .... im jus grindin and everything all good... good treez to burn, beats to work on, deadlines to meet.... so sit back, roll ya doobie, and get high off music!!!!