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Be Yoself!!!!!

I thought rap was about being yoself? The game is so fake now days people get mad at u 4 being yoself!!! what kinda shit is that? I rap about my life, my surroundings , & my experience. Reality Rap. Im not a gangsta just a young thug from the streets of West Oakland so its only right that i rap about what i see day to day & the ups in downs I go thru in life. but yet I be hearing people say you shouldnt rap about that kind of stuff people will never like it. when did people stop liking reality? its not like im making up stuff, I dont write movies & scripts! People so plastic & fake these days they dont want 2 hear reality. they rather hear niggas rapping makin it seem like life is all peaches & cream or they rather hear one of them niggas that just be rapping to just rhyme words with no subjects or contents. the shit is crazy, how is rapping about the truth weak? I would never judge a rapper on what he chooses to rap about as long as he has something to say. I judge rappers on their flow, their rhythm, there cadence. so all u fake ass people out there scared to hear how fucked up this world is, all I can say is GOD bless u because u cant hide from reality!

** JET ** (Orion Pax)
** JET ** (Orion Pax)  (over 5 years ago)

i agree...well said bruh!


Why do people hate on West Coast artist so much? The whole rap game has copied the West Coast format but yet we get no love on the nationwide scene.