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11-1-10 Rehearsal

Well rehearsal went great last nite. We had a guest acoustic player-Tom-come down to jam. Was great! We are working on tightening up songs for a demo. "Dawn of a New Day" is fantastic. Gregg has a great synth intro that breaks right into the song. We have a lot of confidence this one could be real special.

Keith informed us of a few more song ideas. Tom was working on his rocking piece before everyone got there. The PEACE SONG as its currently called we went over and came out fantastic for one run through. With songs done, in progress and ideas on the table we have over 20 now. But they arent just songs to "get done". We flirt with the ideas and apply some dynamics, feel and some sweet ole love. We dont want to "like them". We wanna be wowed by them and our hope is everyone else will be too :D STAY TUNED!

10-28-10 Fundraiser

We're working with a fellow musician and friend to potentially put together a fundraiser gig locally. Talks are under way and contacts made. Stay Tuned!

10-26-10 Coming Along

Last nights practice went well. Picked a new song idea too. We missed Keith who was a bit under the weather. We may also have another guitar player coming down to fill in some grooves, etc. Great guy and awesome player to work hand in hand with Bill rippin some leads.

We got our yaya's out jamming the TRAIN SONG for the first time. Tom really grooved it on drums. This song is about the MTA cutting service to Eastern Long Island. Da nerve!

Yup, it's coming along rather nicely. STAY TUNED!

10-24-10 Photoshoot

The day started ok meeting at noon for a wonderful luncheon and discussion time. But the day didn't go quite as we had planned. Our photographers better half tore his ACL and was taken to the ER. So she couldn't make it out but we had a stand in to get some shots since people have been asking for group shots(thanks Jeanette). As you will see they are pretty darn good shots. She's an artist for a reason! We're doing a shoot with Terry beginning of November sometime to get profiles and those awesome trick shots. d:D After the shoot we headed to YaYa Studio to work on some material and get PA situated, etc.

10-20-10: Another new song

Rehearsal went great and we came up with a new song as well as nailed keiths punk tune. "I'm Coming Home" We cleaned up demo tunes and Tom gave us a major rock song to do. It's gonna be animal. Stay tuned!

10-18-10 Move to YAYA Studio

Well it's all set up and good to go. Got 2 fresh monitors today thanks to Tom. Everything we could possibly need. Thanks to Keith! Sounds great. Great space. We jammed to test setup and equipment and came up with 4 new song ideas. Wicked hard rock to psychedlic. Fantastic stuff. We can't wait to share with the world! STAY TUNED!

YA YA Studio move

Well, we've been rehearsing at CAPS studio but now have a whole new scene called YAYA. Thanks to Tommy the kid we will be using his awesome square footage for live performance rehearsals and jamming/creation sessions. In other words, getting our "YAYA's" out. Hence the name. We'll be using the CAPS studio for cleaning things up and getting the details in order. More of a works session you might say. Things are slowly looking good. We're not in a rush. We want to get it right as all performers know even then there's details you miss. As long as its fun and you enjoy each other and the music you can't go wrong... STAY TUNED! WOW is coming!

10-11-10 rehearsal

Well we missed Bill who was really sick. Rest of us went over material and bunch of new songs. Before Keith arrived Tom and I were fiddling and came up with another new song. Not sure what we're gonna call it yet but its a very cool rock ballad. Maribeth is going to work on the lyrics for this one and sing it. We will have two rehearsal spaces now. CAPS is #1 and Tom's setting up there as well so we can get extra work in a different setup. Works well for sounds, etc.


C.O.M.E.-Coalition of Musicians & Entertainers

A group we started on Facebook to try to get everyone together to collaborate and get to know one another in the music world. A true networking is not just meeting on a pc but taking that medium and actually getting out to see and talk to people in real life. Musicians need to stick by one another. Share with each other. We're a diverse group and sometimes eccentric but we should try to know one another, help each other and share ideas, etc. Won't you be a part and help? http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=157873574241124

Les Can Be Excitingly Mor

Well, rehearsals are going well. The team is coming together with great ideas, nie riffs and most of all cohesion! A good band is musicians who can play together. A great band are those that can get along and care about each other and encourage one another. That's what we have and are working on weekly. ROCK ON! More to come soon...