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LMB On The RADIO May 7th, 2011 9am LISTEN TO THE SHOW!

Link to the show we did: http://lioldschoolradio.com/shows/5711/5711.mp3

Yes, that's right peeps. We will be on Long Island Rock Radio WRCN @ 9am Saturday, May 7th. You can listen in on your FM dial OR www.wrcn.com streaming Live OR www.lioldschoolradioshow.com

If all goes according to plan, Maribeth & Bill will do "Dead Last" acoustically and we will have one off our CD playing as well. So please tune in!

Encourage your local musicians/artists where you live!


Well, we are as usual having a good problem. That of not having enough time between gigging now to work on all the new ideas we all have. Since we all contribute and write as a team, there are countless ideas to target. But, Gregg has just added 3 new ideas, which two will be performed this coming Friday nite. 1)Hot Buttered Toast 2)Hey Lil Mama. Also is "Jammin Jammin" which is a sweet hard hitting rocker. HBT is a swing to jazz to jam number we will be performing LIVE for the first time at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett this Friday 4/29. Hey Lil Mama is a punk rocker that hits you straight up. In the works for the immediate future is "ICE CREAM & MY BABY" which will be a great warm weather, sass song. Be prepared for this one. Its a lot of fun! Between this and HBT, some appetites are gonna be stirred up!!! Stay Tuned!

Southold’s Relay for Life campaign kicks off Feb. 16

Now in its sixth year, the Southold Town Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society kicks off its 2011 Carnival of Hope campaign with an organizational meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 16, at 7 p.m. in the Mattituck High School auditorium.

Ever since last year’s event, many teams have been seeking sponsors and fundraising for the festive annual all-night rally and walk at Jean Cochran Park in Peconic. Wednesday’s meeting will give new participants a chance to get advice from the veterans.

This year’s event is set for June 4 and 5 and organizers are optimistic it will attract more people and raise more money than ever.

“We haven’t even met for kickoff and we have nine teams registered,” said spokeswoman Melina Angelson. “It’s people doing what they do best and having fun and doing it for cancer,” she added.

The overnight rally will include tributes to cancer survivors and those who have lost their lives to the disease, local rock bands, games at booths manned by participating teams and walks around a memorial track to honor those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Ms. Angelson said she wanted those who hadn’t participated before to know that the even is upbeat, celebrating survivors of the disease and the advances made thanks to medical research.

Back in 2006, when organizers for the American Cancer Society tried to discourage Southold organizers from launching their own event, separate from one held in Riverhead, a core group held firm and raised $72,493 from sponsors.

In 2009, Southold’s event raised the most ever — $158,608, In 2010, it took in $157,860, even though many people were hurting financially, Ms. Angelson said. Last year’s relay included 66 teams with 615 registered members, she said, but that number represents only about half of those who actually participated, with many people joining in as guests.

A lot of creativity has gone into fundraising. School groups have held mini-relays. A team from North Fork Community Theatre gave a benefit performance. Musicians for a Cure(featuring Lesus Mor, Deep Rising, The Black Petals and Diamonds & Rust)plans a May 21 fundraising concert at the Southold American Legion Hall. Other groups have held carnivals, both at the relay site and in advance, Ms. Angelson said. The Dream is a Wish team conducts a hair cut-a-thon in Mattituck.

Businesses, fire departments, church groups and Rotary clubs have all had teams at the relay.

Organizers have been able to keep overhead costs down thanks to the generosity of merchants and individuals who contribute food for the survivors’ dinner held at the start of each relay, pizza for a midnight snack, bagels and juice for morning breakfast and talent for the on-stage program that continues through the night.

The aim is to make sure every penny possible goes to cancer research and to helping those who have suffered from the disease. Ms. Angelson estimated that 85 cents of every $1 raised goes directly to the effort, not to administrative costs.

This year, organizers are not only helping the American Cancer Society, but assisting local food pantries. People are being asked to contribute cans of tuna that will be used during the relay to weight down the lighted bags that line the track in memory of those who have lost their lives to cancer. After the event, organizers will distribute the tuna to local food pantries.

“It’s one event, but it’s benefitting others,” Ms. Angelson said.

“Everybody’s got to give back a little,” she said, noting that everyone has family members or friends who have been affected by cancer. “It’s about celebrating people with cancer.”

For ideas and information, visit relayforlife.org/southoldny or call 734-5050.


1-30-11 Recording Studio Update

We had a great time at Beck Studios recording 4 new songs; When You Close Your Eyes, Train Song(Train No More), Sometimes & Dead Last.

Maribeth was under the weather some and couldn't sing her lead parts so she is finishing the tracks next Sunday. Gregg finished up the Train Song and Sometimes but has a few parts to redo. So by this time next week all the tracks should be mixed down and done. They are rockin and in your face. Another side of MOR people haven't really heard much yet. We think everyone will like it.

Thanks to Rik Witt for his hospitality yet again, his great ear and humor. We always feel like we're home when at his studio and it is so conducive to recording.

Ashley couldn't join us for this session since she has been out of state. But she will be there for the gigs and other new tracks we're working out right now. We hope to do 4 new tracks by the end of February as we also prepare for some gigs. Life is good in MOR-land and we're working hard and having fun... STAY TUNED! And much PEACE!

1-10-11 YAYA Session Notes

Great rehearsal. Covered songs we are doing for the studio on 30th. 4th Song was still undetermined until tonite. Seems we are doing "Sometimes", a dark-side, heavy rock song about depression and being so down with seemingly no hope. We wanted this CD to be a more rocking version of the band. "Train Song" starts it off as a jam style rocker raising protest with the MTA cutting service to the East End of Long Island. "When You Close Your Eyes" is a rockin ballad. Starts off very deceiving as a sort of love ballad but then rocks into a totally different place. "Dead Last" is spiced with southern rock flair. Along lines of Gretchen Wilson, it will captivate and rock your sox off!

So we're all good. A rockin 4 songs to add. Next time out we're gonna be presenting our honky tonk/americana side more. Then the world will know MOR!!! STAY TUNED!


AMAZING! Only word that describes a band where everyone writes and has SO many ideas! Its endless. A good problem to have. Only way is love each other and no egos. Just share and let everyone do their thing! Great rehearsal though missing Ash as she was on vacation for the holidays. We got a lot done working out the "Train Song" which is our rally against the MTA cutting service to Eastern Long Island. Also, "when You Close Your Eyes" which is a love ballad that turns very retro rocking. Much dynamics in this song. Maribeth rox it big time. Then we worked on "Dead Last" which is along the lines of Gretchen Wilson style. Bill and Maribeth pretty much wrote this in a day. We worked on the "Friends" song which we think will be a great southern honky tonk-ish kinda tune about those closest to us. A lot of fun. There is a special surprise on verse 3 not to be missed :)

Stay Tuned all!

12-25-10 Merry Christmas VIDEO & ASCAP!

Merry Christmas all. Had some time today so finished up work on our video for "Dawn of a New Day". Check it here, Facebook, Website or YouTube.

We also joined the ASCAP family. (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

And the Hits just keeeeeep on Coming!

Well, we had rehearsal and a plan. But plans are made to be broken to a degree at times. Bill and Maribeth had worked out a new song on the side called "DEAD LAST". Wow, this thing is gonna kick boo-tay! It's along the lines of say Gretchen Wilson style yet totally our own. Then we worked on "Oh Bonita" and it's starting to get a personality. The percussion break is going to be so dynamic with the bongos, etc. Very Santana-esque but again, very much our own style.

Then Bill had another song "On a Summers Day" which is going to be just that, a great summer hit. And he also had another he brought down which Tom named "American Pride". Tom sang to it for a feeler to get ideas and its going to be Mellencampish I think.

We only relate to other artists to give an idea of the song. These truly come out with our own style and feel and that's exciting. We don't want to be anyone else. We are so diverse its amazing and yet do it without losing who WE are as a band.

We're all enjoying this ride and with everyone a writer and contributor it makes the work load huge but the rewards even greater. Rik is gonna be getting a lot of work out of us this year down at Beck Studios. (www.beckstudios.com)


12-20-10 YAYA Session Oh Bonita!

We worked out our new song "Oh Bonita". We got the changes and some awesome dynamics and a percussion part. It's going to be wild! We wrote another 2 new songs; a driving rock ballad and a semi alternative/hard country tune. Maribeth wrote lyrics and Bill worked out the basic idea. He gets all the credit for this one. Great job and melody you guys! Lots going on and so much more to come. Songs keep rolling. We have a lot of work ahead and its all good. We are bonding more each week and each of us grows along with that. It inspires freedom to create. No holds barred. Let it ride and see what happens.


12-19-10 Jam

The fellas got together for a little structure and composition time to work out some ideas on the side. We came up with some hooks and format for "Oh Bonita" our spanish styled rock song in the works and Bill brought a brand song "On a Summers Day" which is sort of an 90s-modern alternative song with some feel from the mid 70s mixed in. A great song and almost completely worked out minus the girls doing their vocal thing. It's so good were contemplating doing it at our next recording session Jan. 30th.

STAY TUNED! Big things keep comin... Happy Holidays all... PEACE!